Homesteading cooking Wed 2nd October

This week the second group have carried on and made more vegetable soup using again, potatoes, carrots, turnips, swedes and onions. We had a conversation about which vegetables the children had never had and how they felt about eventually  eating the soup. Some children had not experienced turnips or swedes before and were not overly keen on the idea of the soup. Lets hope we can encourage them to try the soup on the day!


Homestead cooking Wed 25th September

We started off the Autumn term with a favourite recipe , winter vegetable soup. Using potatoes, onions,carrots, swedes and turnips, the children peeled and carefully chopped everything up then added it to the saucepan to cook where the vegetable stock would be added. Once cooked the mixture was placed into the blender where it was mixed up into a smooth soup. The soup will be frozen and enjoyed later with some home made bread.




Year 5 cooking Friday 1st March

This week Heigham class made cheese scones. Using plain flour and baking powder the children rubbed butter  using their fingertips. They then added cheese (already grated) and kneaded the mixture into a soft dough shaped and then were then cut out using cutters and sprinkled with cheese and cooked to perfection! A delicious addition to lunchtime!



Year 5 ’empty classroom day’ part 2- cookery

After outdoor maths, we all went to the cookery room.  Here we worked together to make fruit scones and cheese scones.

We had to measure the ingredients carefully (although those of us making cheese scones decided we wanted them extra cheesy and used five times the amount of cheese stipulated in the recipe!) and follow instructions to make the dough.  We then cut them and put them in the oven.

We all tried a mini cheese scone, and look forward to eating the big ones round the fire during forest schools this afternoon.

Year 5 cooking Friday 1st February

Carrying on with the Year 5 song Magdalen Street we made vegetable curry this week.  Along with potatoes, cauliflower and peas the children added lots of spices. They used cumin, curry powder, black pepper and garam masala along with onions and fresh garlic to give the curry lots of taste. Lots of lovely aromas filled the kitchen as everything cooked.

At tasting time, there was a very mixed reaction to the finished curry. Some children really enjoyed it but others were not quite sure. The staff however scoffed the rest up!

Year 5 cooking Friday 25th January

This term Year 5 are working on the song entitled Magdalen Street for their Working as Historians real project so , we are using inspiration from the song to come up with recipes for the children to cook.

Last week the children made spicy rice and mango smoothie. This week we have decided to make falafel in pitta breads. It a very  easy vegetarian recipe using chickpeas, onions, garlic, spices and flour. The children were quite expert at finely chopping the onion and garlic. The hard part was mashing the chickpeas into a paste!

After what seemed ages the mixture was ready to roll into balls and ready to cook.

Served with pitta bread and lettuce the children had a tasty snack which most of them enjoyed.

Year 5 cooking Friday 11th January

For the start of year 5 cooking we made tuna pasta bake and tomato pasta bake . Along with cooked pasta the children made a white sauce from scratch using butter, flour and milk and adding cheese to give it a a creamy cheesy taste. These were all mixed together along with chopped spring onions and peas.  Tuna was added to one mixture and tinned tomatoes added to the other. Grated cheese was then sprinkled liberally onto each dish and placed in the oven to cook.

After a short wait the bakes were finally ready to eat! These were given a definite thumbs up by the children and staff!!

Year 4 Cooking Friday 14th December

For the last cook of the year we decided to make salt dough Christmas tree decorations. These were made using plain flour, salt, water and added cinnamon for that extra christmasy aroma. Stars, baubles and christmas trees were made and then cooked in the microwave, so much quicker than using the oven for hours and hours! They will be decorated and ready to take home next week!

Year 4 cooking Friday 7th December

This week we made spicy sweet biscuits. Adding cinnamon, the children mixed together plain flour, brown sugar, eggs and golden syrup to make a dough. The children kneaded the dough and rolled it out before using cutters to make the biscuits. A lovely smell of cinnamon filled the room and the children were looking forward to tasting the treats.

Year 4 cooking Friday 16th November

This week we made tuna pasta bake and tomato pasta bake. The children made a white sauce using flour and milk and butter. They then added that to pasta, peas and either tuna or tinned tomatoes. The whole mixture was put into a dish and topped with grated cheese and placed in the oven.Not long the aroma of cheese filled the room and the children were eager to taste the finished food!

All children (and staff) agreed that both dishes were DELICIOUS!!