This week at Wensum

Another busy week was enjoyed by all at Wensum. Here is a summary of what’s been going on:

We are mathematicians: Year 6 have been doing revision sessions ahead of their SATS. Jo and Tash report back that the kids have shown a fantastic attitude in the sessions demonstrating focus, hard work and a positive attitude. Year 3 and 4 have started a unit on money, and Year 5 are exploring angles.

We are readers, writers, storytellers: Year 3 and 4 have been writing, editing and rehearsing original river poems for their We are geographers showcase. Great to see the children working independently and supporting each other as they practice their poems.

We are geographers: Year 5 and 6 have started work on their independent projects. This is always one of our favourite parts of the school year as the children get themselves into groups and define a personal response to their project led by a driving question. The kids really step up and while it can sometimes feel frantic if not a little chaotic, experience tells us that this is where the rubber hits the road: they always deliver!

And not forgetting: Forest Schools, gardening, PE, circus skills with Lost in Translation and much more besides. Enjoy the gallery!

Forest Schools and gardening

It was great to get back into the garden and forest circle as soon as the new term got underway. Phoenix class enjoyed their Forest Schools session and Pokemon checked in on everything in the polytunnel after the long Easter break. Just look at the size of that broccoli! Enjoy the gallery.

21.4.22 Phoenix Forest School

We were lucky it was a lovely afternoon and we had the most amazing time. We climbed, painted (ourselves and paintings) and had a great time digging channels in the mud kitchen. The weather was amazing and we look forward to having our last fire of the term. Enjoy our photos Amy

19.1.22 Sphinx Forest School

We had a lovely afternoon playing outside in the sun, we made dens and practised peeling sticks. We are getting really good at both and learning to push ourselves. Can you believe that one of the dens had 3 different levels, it was EPIC.

Can’t wait till next week.

17.1.2022 Basilisk Forest School

We had lovely sunny weather to go out in today, there were lot’s of eager faces after the christmas break. We mainly concentrated on den building this week, learning new knots, teamwork and problem solving. It was fantastic and the different types of dens look amazing. We had been donated some old christmas trees and some other bits which really added to it.

As well as this, some of the children explored the pond and were surprised by how much life there was already, even though it had been frozen over last week. The children also peeled sticks and made wands and other things. It was a great afternoon. Can’t wait till next week.



We had an amazing session this afternoon, Casper and Jack set up and started the main fire. On this we cooked apple. We played in the mud pit and made a hammock.

30.9.21 Yeti Forest School

We were lucky today, the rain held off for us and we had a lovely session. There was lots of den and shelter building and the children have made a new mud kitchen which was great fun. The bark removal team have had a great time spreading our new bark pile round the tree area and getting to grips with using a wheelbarrow. It is definitely getting colder now, so please remember coats next week. Amy

14.05.21 Year 3 Forest School

It was a lovely afternoon to go outside, we were very lucky and had enough adults to build with us, do some gardening and open the pond area.

Amy and Mark helped us to make different structures, swings and dens which we really enjoyed. Karen and Rianne did pond dipping with us and we found lots in there including newts, nymphs and snails.

Mark took a group to do some gardening and they got loads done outside in our flower beds and planters. We replanted somethings and planted out the seedlings we had grown in class.

As well as this we had fun climbing and digging we were lucky it wasn’t too hot or cold. We had a great time and can’t wait till next week.

27.11.19 Year 5 Forest School

It was a grim day, lots of rain and cold as well. Luckily we found out that means there is lots of mud to play with. We had great fun in our mud kitchen and made hammocks as well. Some of the suggestions for next week are clay people and a fire… Watch this space.