Forest Schools and gardening

It was great to get back into the garden and forest circle as soon as the new term got underway. Phoenix class enjoyed their Forest Schools session and Pokemon checked in on everything in the polytunnel after the long Easter break. Just look at the size of that broccoli! Enjoy the gallery.

21.04.22 Gardening with Pokemon

Welcome back everyone, today we had gardening with Amy and Sacha. We couldn’t believe how much things had grown over the holidays. Our radishes were ready to try but we had mixed reactions to them. We had a great time in the sun and spent sometime rolling down the hills. We can’t wait till next week.


We need to get the spring flowering bulbs in this month so our main job this week has been to prepare the planters outside classrooms. Weeds were removed, existing blubs were carefully removed and set aside for future planting, and soil was refreshed. Sarah has ordered two tonnes of compost which with can use to refresh the existing soil in the planters and then we can get the bulbs in. We also started work on clearing the polytunnel which was, in the words of one of the year 6’s, ‘a jungle’. When the polytunnel is sorted we will get the winter salads in along with onions and some winter cabbage. There is a lot to do.


Gardening gets back underway as the new term starts. This year, gardening is part of the new PPA carousel which sees children enjoying four 9 week blocks across the year covering circus skills (with our partners Lost in Translation), Forest Schools, cooking, and music and gardening. In gardening we started by creating packs of sunflower seeds – enough for every member of the school community – that will be distributed in the Spring. Over the course of two afternoons the two gardening groups created 220 packs. Each pack contains 2 – 3 seeds. The remaining seeds (of which there were many!) will be planted around school. Over the coming weeks the gardening group will be:

  • weeding the beds to remove the last remnants of summer growing
  • refreshing the soil in the planters with new compost
  • tidying the poly tunnel
  • cleaning the tools
  • planting bulbs for spring flowering
  • planting winter salads and onions

Gardening in Pokemon

Today, we planted out tomatoes and beans in the polytunnel.

We also planted more seeds in the classroom.

Gardening underway again

It’s been great to work with year teams this week as they push on with a range of jobs in the gardens around school.

Year 3: On Monday the kids were in learning about the Eatwell plate and finding out about what makes a healthy balanced diet. This ties in with this weeks unit on the digestive system. They will be using this learning to choose what to grow for themselves

Year 4: Tash and I worked with a group clearing up the polytunnel. We harvested the last remaining tomatoes and dug up some very oddly shaped carrots! We then dug over the beds to get them ready for the new growing season.

Year 6: Michelle, Paul and I worked with Year 6 to weed the beds and pathways at the front of school. We planted some heather and started to cover the beds with leave mould. A small group worked together to start building a bug hotel.

I will be working with Year 5 tomorrow. Can’t wait. Enjoy the gallery.


11.03.20 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a busy start to the day and lots to do. We split into 2 groups one group went and started planting in the front gardens the other group stayed in the garden area on the field. We cleaned out the chickens, water plants and made a new compost bin. We have lots growing now so we are starting to plan where it will go. Lucas is helping us to make an Anderson shelter which has been really interesting and given us new skills to learn. We can’t wait for next week though it looks very busy already.

13.03.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a beautiful morning and we got lots done. We planted the herbs we had harvested last year into our wild garden, we cleaned out the animals and made sure that they were warm enough. A group of us worked on making the fence around the tree circle, this taught another set of new skills. We are looking forward to next week, when the guinea pigs will come outside.

9.3.20 Year 3 Homesteading.

It was a glorious and sunny morning, we were excited to have some new seeds to plant and lots to do. One group went in the garden, we covered plants to protect them from frost, planted our new seeds and watered everything. Another group split into 3 and went pond dipping, cleaned out the chickens and collected sticks of the field (these will be woven into our new fence.) It was a hugely productive morning, well done year 3.

5.2.20 Year 5 Homesteading

Today we split into 3 groups, this was the outside blog. In the garden we cleaned out the chickens and there run and put all the waste in the compost so we can reuse it later in the garden. At the same time we were also watering all our beds and plants inside and outside (the hose is fixed, which was exciting). We spent some time going through our seed bank to see what we could plant at this time of year. The seed packets were hard to read but we got the knack in the end. The group that are digging the beds at the front have started laying the paths between beds and are really pleased with what we have achieved so far. Looking forward to next week 🙂