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Animal care Gardening Homesteading Year 6: 2019 - 2020

24.1.20 Year 6 Homesteading

It was a clear but cold day, so we started out early. We split into 2 groups, 1 group dug the beds at the front where we are making amazing progress. Then group 2 got to work cleaning out animals and starting to plant seedlings. It really felt that we were finally starting our gardening […]

Tie Dye – Year 4 Homesteading

Today in homesteading group 4 started a tie dying project. (Lily W) We used rice and marbles to make patterns in the fabric. We used elastic bands to tie the rice and marbles to the cotton fabric. (Megan) We chose to dye our fabric blue. To make the dye we mixed the dye in warm […]

22.01.20 Year 5 Homesteading

Today we started to plant seedlings into pots and trays we will keep them warm and undercover in the poly-tunnel. We found lots that could be planted, and found out that reading information packets is a skill on its own, we planted a huge range of flower, vegetable and herb seeds. Luckily we got to […]

20.1.20 Year 3 Homesteading.

We were lucky, it was a cold but glorious morning. Today we started to look at what we could plant, we took it in turns to seed the trays and put them ready in the poly-tunnel. While we did that some of us helped to re-bark and another group cleaned out the rabbits. It was […]

13.01.20 Year 3 Homesteading

We started back in the gardens today, there was a lot to do but we were prepared. We cleaned out the chickens and raked out the enclosure, we cut back dead plants, raked up old leaves, and filled the garden beds with fertilizer and manure. Mr H came out with us and we re-organised and […]

15.01.20 Year 5 Homesteading

The first session back in a new year. We wanted to start planting soon and that meant sorting out our planting beds, Mr H and Justin helped us with that and we got amazing amounts of work done, we raked, weeded, filled the beds with compost and ta da we are ready. It was alot […]

Homesteading: Year 3 13/01/20

Today, during homesteading, Y3 had lots of jobs to get done in the garden! We added fresh compost to the beds, swept and organised the poly tunnel, raked the chicken pen and added more chippings, weeded the flower beds, dug out the compost and much more! The children cooking made an incredible apple crumble! They […]

Romance day 1: cooking. 6.01.20

For year 5’s Working as Historians project it was decided to look at WW2 . For our romance event we looked at food rationing and recipes cooked during that time. We cooked raspberry snow and tasted Norfolk pudding. We used sago, milk, water, jam and sugar to make raspberry snow. We didn’t taste the raspberry […]

9.12.19 Year 3 Art

It was cold and windy today, so we decided to go and do some crafts in the art room. It was warmer and we had a great time.

22.11.19 Year 6 Homesteading

We had a really busy day, we split into 3 groups and got to work. We cleaned out the guinea pigs, dug out the gardens (Which is a big job) and went to the garden to lay a new path, clean up, turn the compost and finish our seed catologue. A great time but tiring, […]