This week at Wensum

Another busy week was enjoyed by all at Wensum. Here is a summary of what’s been going on:

We are mathematicians: Year 6 have been doing revision sessions ahead of their SATS. Jo and Tash report back that the kids have shown a fantastic attitude in the sessions demonstrating focus, hard work and a positive attitude. Year 3 and 4 have started a unit on money, and Year 5 are exploring angles.

We are readers, writers, storytellers: Year 3 and 4 have been writing, editing and rehearsing original river poems for their We are geographers showcase. Great to see the children working independently and supporting each other as they practice their poems.

We are geographers: Year 5 and 6 have started work on their independent projects. This is always one of our favourite parts of the school year as the children get themselves into groups and define a personal response to their project led by a driving question. The kids really step up and while it can sometimes feel frantic if not a little chaotic, experience tells us that this is where the rubber hits the road: they always deliver!

And not forgetting: Forest Schools, gardening, PE, circus skills with Lost in Translation and much more besides. Enjoy the gallery!

We are mathematicians!

This week we have played a Maths game from Somalia. It was similar to draughts but it was called ‘Pumpkin Patch’. We played against each other and tried to think strategically. Today, we continued to work together finding patterns within shapes. We used our mathematical vocabulary to explain the patterns we found.

Wednesday 4th September: Working as Mathematicians

Welcome back to everyone. It has been great to catch up with you all after the summer break and to start getting to know the new Year 3s!

Today we started a week working as mathematicians and philosophers.  Can maths predict the future? This was the question posed by Dr Alison Borthwick, visiting maths educator.  She led our launch assembly with Hannah Howard and Alix Lewis, taking us through some genuinely astounding maths scenarios that left us all agog!  Children then returned to class to start a week long series of investigations. In the afternoons we’ll start exploring some big themes through our philosophy curriculum.  There will be a showcase of the maths investigations next Wednesday before we start our work as scientists.

Enjoy the gallery.

Year 5 ’empty classroom day’ part 1- outdoor maths

Today at Wensum is Empty Classroom day.  We embraced this in Year 5 by doing our maths learning in the tree circle and on the field.

Some of us found 2D shapes, some of us estimated and measured 100 steps, some of us found acute angles in the trees, some of us made a fraction wall from sticks….

We had a great time and did some fantastic learning.

Year 6 Maths

Over the past couple of days Year 6 have been applying their strategies for solving different arithmetic questions. We have also been reasoning why we have used certain methods.

Wednesday 6th March – World Maths Day

World Maths Day 2018
The children had a fun-filled day today, taking part in a variety of maths activities including competing with children around the world on Mathletics! All children have a log in to Mathletics and can access it at home.  Thank you to staff and children for all their efforts today; the costumes were so creative and the atmosphere around the school was magnificent!

Thursday 22nd February – we work as mathematicians

Wonderful maths work today.  Students from The Norwich School were in to work with Year 4, playing maths games with them to boost fluency.  Year 5 were continuing their work on angles and Year 3 were exploring strategies for subtracting small numbers from larger numbers.  Great to see such engagement and enjoyment in maths.  A big thanks to the Norwich School for their on-going work with us.  Enjoy the gallery.