Sphinx Class hear tales of DNA and smugglers!

Today in Year 6 we had a special 1 hour story telling session with Dr Mandy Hartley, in the marquee that has been erected on the lower field. Mandy has written a series of books called the DNA Detectives, and the session brought one of these books (The Smuggler’s Daughter) to life.

During the session, children got to dress up as smugglers and Kingsmen to help re-enact the story. They also got hands on with creating DNA strands to help find out what an ancient smuggler looked like, as well as hunt for treasure!

We all loved the session- thank you Mandy!

Year 6’s amazing Fun Run

Here are a few photos from the Fun Run that Year 6 did this afternoon. Everyone had to complete as many laps of the school field as they could in 30 minutes. In total, the children completed 482 laps! This is an incredible achievement, well done everybody!

We completed the run in order to raise money for our Year 6 Leaver’s Event. If you would like to donate to this, please contact the school office.

Children’s University Summer Challenges 2019

Here are some fun challenges to try during the summer holidays.

Any one can do them, but if you have a Children’s University Passport to Learning you can earn credits too.  Just take photos of you doing the activity, or keep a scrapbook, and show them to Mr Wickens in September to earn your stamps.

Don’t forget to sign up at your local library for the Space Race summer reading challenge- if you read 6 library books during the summer you earn a medal and can claim 6 hours in your Passport

Children’s University Graduation Day at UEA!

Today, six of us took a trip to the University of East Anglia.  We went to attend a very special Children’s University Graduation; it was special because all of us have completed more than 100 hours of extra-learning and have got over 100 stamps in our Passport to Learning!

We arrived at 9.30am and put our beautiful blue caps and gowns on.  Then we took part in a ceremony that featured students telling us why university is so amazing, and a special Mad Science show from Dr DNA which was lots of fun!  We all went up and collected our certificates and got a big clap.  After that, we went out side and threw our hats in the air!

After lunch, we went on a tour of and got to see lots of cool parts of the campus- including the Avengers HQ!

Children’s University temporary passport

If you ordered a Children’s University passport from school earlier in the term, you won’t have received it yet as they are still on order!

However, if you complete any CU approved activities over half term, then please get a stamp using this temporary passport and give it to Mr Wickens when school starts again.

Thank you ESE Direct!

We want to say a big thank you to ESE Direct, our friends and suppliers of industrial equipment, who are based just around the corner in Northumberland Street.  In the summer term, they very kindly donated to Wensum Junior a whiteboard on wheels, which we’ve been making great use of in our assembly hall.

Here you can see some Year 3s who were pleased to discover that the board had been covered in Numicon as part of a maths project.


Summer Challenge science experiments!

The Norfolk Children’s University have set some really fun summer challenges to help keep you busy during the summer hols.

One of the challenges is to get stuck into some hands-on science experiments.  To help you, here are some sheets with hints, tips, ingredients etc.

Have fun and don’t forget to send us pictures via Facebook, or bring them into school and show them to Mr Wickens.

Children’s University graduation day!

This afternoon 9 of us left Wensum at lunchtime in taxis, and were whisked down to Carrow Road (home of Norwich City FC) to take part in a special graduation ceremony!  We were there because we had all been busy filling our Children’s University passports with extra learning.  When we arrived we put on our special blue graduation outfits and then sat down to learn and have fun with Dr Ken who made us take part in some funny science experiments.  After, we then went up one at a time to receive our special certificates, which told us how many hours of extra learning we had done through the Children’s University.

Well done to all of you that graduated today- we’re so proud!

Yr 5 Christmas Tree

This year, Yr 5 have volunteered to decorate a tree for the Christmas tree festival. 8 year 5 pupils walked to the church this morning with Ms McConnell and Miss Metcalf and decorated the tree with the decorations the children had made. They even managed to grab a hot chocolate afterwards.