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Outdoor Learning Year 4: 2019 - 2020

5.12.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

It was wet and muddy today, still that meant that we had lots or gooey mud to play with, so the mud kitchen was doing well. We learnt how to make a hammock and planted some more trees. Mrs May took some us over to see the animals and we got the chickens to eat […]

6.12.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

We had a great time this week, some of us learnt how to use a flint and steel and how to make a fire that would actually stay lit. We found good sticks roasted marshmallows and then we made smores. We teamed up and made/played with the rope swings. Everyone joined in and it was […]

25.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

Today we climbed and made dens as normal (still great fun every time we do it), we also tried some new things. We made swings and looked at the knots we needed to use and built our own assault course with the free play. After that we tried rolling down the hill and it was […]

21.11.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

The weather was lovely we had the clay out and enjoyed making our own creations. We had a mud kitchen and enjoyed climbing and building.

20.11.19 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a really busy morning, we cleaned out the chickens, raked and re-barked the chicken run as well as clearing out the poly-tunnel and making sure all the plants were watered. Then some of us went and played in the tree circle. We made hammocks and dens as well as a huge mud kitchen, […]

18.11.19 Year 3 Outside learning

The sun was shinning and we had a lovely afternoon. We got the clay out, and we made some beautiful things. We also built dens and tried out our new bug hunting set. It was very exciting and we had a lovely time.

11.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

It was cold and windy today but we made the best of it. We made some leaf art to commemorate remembrance day. To do this we collected different leafs and sticks and made them into our own interpretation of poppies. After that we went on to play in our tree circle. Selina helped us make […]

8.11.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

It was cold and wet this afternoon. Still we made the most of it, we made bird feeders, played in the mud and rescued 2 collared doves from the chicken pen. It was lovely to see everyone busy and happy despite the weather.

04.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor learning

We were lucky and had lovely weather today which we made the best of. We got some hammocks out today, it was great fun learning how to put them up and then how to use them (getting in was a challenge). We also made dens and dug a moat full of alligators eek.

30.10.19 Year 4 Outdoor learning

We had a lovely afternoon although it was quite chilly. Today we got the clay out and tried our hand at making different things. We built dens and got out the free play things. Next week we will start looking at digging out a firepit.