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School council told Karen from NORSE what they thought of our new School diner menu and helped shape the menu for the Spring term. Although Tyler voted for a ‘fast food Friday’ we all discussed healthy eating and just opted on including ketchup with our fish and chips instead! As of Monday, jacket spuds will […]

School Council Agenda 13.1.17

  School Council Agenda 13.1.17

Agenda 10.10.16


Autumn term Monitoring




Welcome to School COuncil 2016-17


Year 6 School Council and Eco Council Elections 2016/2017

Over the past few days Year 6’s have been running elections to find out who will be the Year 6 representatives for the School Council and Eco Council. With over 20 candidates for two school council positions it was going to be a well fought battle for the right to represent the year group. All […]

Minutes and Agenda 6.5.16


April Recruitment


Our aims

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