This week in Thrive…

In Thrive this week we have been focusing on worries. We have shared our worries and found out they can be similar but also, very different. What we have realised is, is that everybody has worries. They all are real and can feel strange in our bodies. We can feel worries in our stomachs, in our hearts and in our minds.

First, we turned our worries into monsters. We thought about how they made us feel and then drew features to represent that. Then we thought of ways to get rid of the monster. We trapped, squashed and even stepped on them!

After that, we had a discussion about what is best for our worries. We decided that once we have spoken to someone about them, the best thing to do is not pay them much attention. We can do other things instead. We listed the different things we could be doing rather than thinking about worries and then we drew them!