Lunchtimes at Wensum

We have some lovely weather, fun with junk modelling and spending time in the library. The occasional first aid is normal but our patient was in good spirits. Overall a great afternoon.

A surprise visitor

Today we had a surprise visitor. He or she is a rescue hedgehog! We were lucky enough to have him to visit before he goes to the rescue centre. We hope he will come back to us with a mate when he is heavy enough to hibernate without help. It was fantastic to see a real hedgehog after studying their habitat and food web.

Upcycling Furniture 27th November

It was a foggy and very chilly start to the day but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm! This week our group headed up to our workshop space to continue working on our upcycling project. We touched up the white base coat on our furniture items and then added some colour to customize our designs. We used fabric dye on the cushion material to give the seats of the chairs a new look. Also Lucas showed us what a motorcycle helmet is constructed of – he has sawn a helmet in half to show us a cross-section. He explained the materials used to cushion impact and protect a biker’s head. A busy day in the workshop with excellent teamwork today. Well done for remembering your painting clothes everyone – we certainly got messy!

Year 6 Science Blog- We are the New Optimists

Monday 30th November

Today, we discussed the challenge we have been given for the Science Fair:

Develop an alternative and sustainable approach to energy usage

a)across the school site

b)in the local community

We discussed this and made sure we understand what all the important words mean.

We read about Greta Thunberg and thought about why we need to be like her!

Finally, we worked as a class to decide what we need to tell people about energy usage and about global warming. This is the list we came up with:

Don’t be a fossil fool! (Tegan)

Don’t be a relentless car driver (Josh)

Use less plastic (Ashleigh)

Join us in the fight to save the planet- it’s not over yet! (Maram)

Go vegetarian and eat more plants to help (Leah)

The ice caps are melting and the polar bears need saving (Jamie)

Don’t waste food (Sophie)

Plants are blooming early and we should act early (Rosemary)

Use renewable energy way more often. Keep fossil fuels in the ground (Ajay)

Walk more instead of driving (Lilly-Jane)

Year 5 and Maple Travel Back in Time!

We visited Gressenhall Museum and Farm to experience what life was like on the ‘homefront’ during World War 2.

We met an officer from the Homeguard who taught us self-defense, using a broomstick handle as a bayonet! We had to ‘fall in’, stand to attention and march in line. He even checked that we weren’t spies.

We met a ‘land girl’ on the farm who showed us how to clean the harnesses for the Suffolk Punch horses. We tried our hand at milking cows (using fake udders) and learned how the role of women changed during World War 2, as many women stepped in to keep farms, factories and transport going.

The Air Raid Precautions Warden let us hear a real air raid siren and try on a gas mask. We huddled in the air raid shelter and sang ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary!” He showed us playing cards from World War 2 which featured pictures of German, Japanese and RAF planes.

In the cottage, we helped make chocolate truffles using rationed ingredients. There was even mash potato in the mixture but some of us still gave it the thumbs up!

At the village shop, we saw how to show our ration card to buy portions of food. We learned how people used their gardens and parks to grow food and kept chickens to help stretch out their rations.

We had an amazing time at Gressenhall. We were able to show how much we have learned about life on the Homefront. We also gained lots of new ideas, to add to our Working as Historians showcase!

Back in time to world war 2

We have had a really busy week as usual but it has been amazing. On Thursday we went on a trip to Gressenhall where we got to experience what life may have been like for people in Norfolk during the second world war.

We met 3 characters from the war and had a go at a variety of tasks. We tried milking cows, cleaning horses tack, cooking using rations, being in the Home Guard, wearing a gas mask and taking shelter during an air raid.

BC: It was the best day ever!