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Homesteading 13.11.19

This week in Homesteading we made flapjacks. The children weighed out brown sugar, butter , oats and golden syrup to mix together in a saucepan. This was then put into a baking tin and cooked until golden brown! This will make a delicious snack to take home.

Homesteading – Outdoor Art 31/10/2019

Today we did some outdoor art. It was really fun. All the groups were really creative (Lily) We used natural resources outside to make our art. (Harvey and Vinnie) We made our creations using nature all around us (Megan)

Bugs and living in a space ship

Some photos are sideways, my apologies it is a new format editor and I can’t work out how to change it. Thanks for understanding. Bugs This week the bug man came into school with all sorts of amazing creatures. Some of us were really keen to hold them and other not so much. But we […]

Our blood song!

Friday 11th October 2019 This week we have been learning about our hearts and blood (Charlie-may). It is called the circulatory system (Jezley). Our goal was to create a song about blood to help us remember all the information (Hannah). To learn all the facts about blood we carried out research (Rose and Ameliah). We […]

Maple heads to Space!

We have been learning about how rockets get into space. We learnt that the rockets can’t have flat tops or air will push against it (LE) We also learnt about gravity which tries to pull it back to earth (JG) We designed our rockets to be aerodynamic and then the next day we made them […]

12.09.19 Year 4 start outdoor learning.

What an afternoon! We started our outdoor learning so we have climbed and played while getting ourselves used to our outdoor area again. Some of us pond dipped, while others made a obstacle course in the building area. We all had a great time : )

Lord Mayor’s Parade Romance Event

The day has finally arrived.  Today we launched our Lord Mayor’s project with guest expert speakers (CEFAS and Norfolk Wildlife Trust) and a Q&A with our arts partners Marcus, Zara, Ray, Holly and Alysha.  The day started with an assembly where Marcus from Sistema Norwich spoke to us about the traditions of carnival and parading […]

Our first workshop! Group 3

Today, we had our first workshop with Duncan. Our aim was to be working together – being connected and aware of everyone in the group. To warm up, we had to think of different shapes and objects. In groups we used our bodies to form them. We then thought of belongings we would take on […]

This week in Maple

This week we have had some exciting visitors. We had the UEA Students in to do comedy and drama with us and we also did some work on our emotions, drawing them and then letting them go. We are getting ready for a parents showcase next week. We also had a visit from Tim. We […]

Wow what a week!!

We were treated to a comedy workshop by the Drama students from the UEA. It was great fun and was a good confidence builder. We had to walk on stage and then do silly things and funny sketches. All the children took part and there were a lot of giggles. This week we also visited […]