Year 5 and Maple Travel Back in Time!

We visited Gressenhall Museum and Farm to experience what life was like on the ‘homefront’ during World War 2.

We met an officer from the Homeguard who taught us self-defense, using a broomstick handle as a bayonet! We had to ‘fall in’, stand to attention and march in line. He even checked that we weren’t spies.

We met a ‘land girl’ on the farm who showed us how to clean the harnesses for the Suffolk Punch horses. We tried our hand at milking cows (using fake udders) and learned how the role of women changed during World War 2, as many women stepped in to keep farms, factories and transport going.

The Air Raid Precautions Warden let us hear a real air raid siren and try on a gas mask. We huddled in the air raid shelter and sang ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary!” He showed us playing cards from World War 2 which featured pictures of German, Japanese and RAF planes.

In the cottage, we helped make chocolate truffles using rationed ingredients. There was even mash potato in the mixture but some of us still gave it the thumbs up!

At the village shop, we saw how to show our ration card to buy portions of food. We learned how people used their gardens and parks to grow food and kept chickens to help stretch out their rations.

We had an amazing time at Gressenhall. We were able to show how much we have learned about life on the Homefront. We also gained lots of new ideas, to add to our Working as Historians showcase!

Dolphin’s are Bollywood dancers!

We have had a busy day in Dolphin class. This morning, our special visitor Tina came to teach us all about Bollywood dancing. She told us about where Bollywood dancing comes from and she taught us a Bollywood dance.

‘Bollywood dancing is from India’- Sylvie.

‘It was fascinating’ – Amina

‘I had fun! I liked how quick it was’ – Eva

‘The music was beautiful’ – Ana

WWII Artefacts romance day 06.01.20

Year 5 had a special day where they were in groups and learnt about WWII. This particular group was learning about different historical artefacts that were used in this time.

One of the artefacts was a gas mask which people used to protect themselves from deadly gasses. The masks had special yellow bags in which to go in. When a bomb dropped it made a noise and that meant everyone had to put on their masks and go to the nearest shelter.

Another artefact shown was a metal hat worn by soldiers to protect themselves from getting hurt from explosions.

Children were sent away to safety. They often travelled with their suitcases filled with toys and necessities. We thought the children were anxious and scared to be leaving their families behind.

This was an interesting session because we learnt a lot of new information that we did not know before. We look forward to finding out more!

Year 4 History Walk Thursday

We walked into the city to look for clues that told us buildings were old. We went to Elm Hill, The Cathedral, St Peter Mancroft and St Andrews.

The walk was very tiring, but it was actually very interesting as well (Isla).

As you were walking through Elm Hill, if you looked at the roofs, you would notice that one of the roofs was different. It was thatched. (Lily)

If you looked at the old buildings, you would notice that the windows were wonky because they were old. (Alfie)

When we were walking in Elm Hill, we saw wobbly buildings because the wood was on the bottom of the bricks, and the bricks were too heavy, so the wood warped. (Kacper)

When we were walking in the Cathedral, on both gates there were lots of carvings. (Morgan)

The city wall used to be around the city, and the Strangers were people who lived outside of it. There is a broken bit of wall near where Toys R Us used to be (Troy, Aron, Lily).

There were loads of streets where we normally went to, but we didn’t know they were really old (Isla)

Rationing in Year 5. 06.01.20

We are studying what life was like in WWII this term.  On Monday we investigated how much food people would get in the war. We found out that rationing started because they didn’t have enough food for everyone. People were only allowed  2oz butter ,8oz sugar,  2oz cheese ,4oz  bacon and ham ,40z marg ,3 pints milk , 2oz tea , 1 fresh egg , 1 packet of dried eggs every 4 weeks.

On the 8th of January 1940 butter , bacon and sugar were rationed.  

People had rationing books so they could get their food each week. Adults got more food than children.

Homesteading 13.11.19

This week in Homesteading we made flapjacks. The children weighed out brown sugar, butter , oats and golden syrup to mix together in a saucepan. This was then put into a baking tin and cooked until golden brown! This will make a delicious snack to take home.

Bugs and living in a space ship

Some photos are sideways, my apologies it is a new format editor and I can’t work out how to change it. Thanks for understanding.


This week the bug man came into school with all sorts of amazing creatures. Some of us were really keen to hold them and other not so much. But we were all brave and challenged ourselves.

LE: I had 2 snakes around my neck and I had a frog on my hand. I had a tarantula on my head. We also had spiky stick insects on us.

JG: It was a tree frog and it had grippy feet a bit like sand paper.

BC: I held the bearded dragon. I was quite nice until the mad got it off and it shed its skin on me.

CD: I liked them all. I don’t really like spiders but I had it on my leg and I felt like I wanted to scream.

Living in space

This week we have researching and learning about how astronauts live in space. We tried some space foods and watched some videos from the international space station about how they eat, sleep, exercise and to to the toilet in space.

JB: We learnt that astronauts need to eat dried food. This stops it going green.

BC: I liked the dried apple and I like the chocolate ice cream.

CD: I liked the ice cream more as it was nice.

JB: The strawberries smelled just like sour sweets.


In maths we have been naming and sorting 2D and 3D shapes. We went on some shape hunts and the sorted the shapes by the shape of their faces.

What a lovely mess!

We have been enjoying playing with foods and water and getting stuck in to all the lovely mess. It was a bit strange playing with spaghetti and beans but we all got stuck in in the end.

Calm and relaxed

We thought about calmness, what it feels like and what helps us feel calm in school. We all found things that we can use when we need some calm down time.

Planning our garden

We began planning our gardening area. We went on a walk around the school feeling and smelling plants that we might like to use.