Story 3 from Tilly and Althea

Here is the third and final story that Tilly the Tailspinner and Althea have recorded for Wensum, to help us celebrate World Storytelling Week.

This story sounds very familiar…. do you recognise it? What story does it remind you of?

If you and your family have enjoyed listening to these special stories, then you should check out the World Storytelling Cafe. Their website is:

Story 2 from Tilly and Althea!

We hope you enjoyed the story that we shared yesterday.

Here is the next story for you to listen to and share with your family.

Can you think of any stories that you have heard many times? Can you tell one to somebody else?

Story from Tilly the Tail-Spinner and Althea

Did you know that this week is National Storytelling Week?

During National Storytelling Week, everybody is encouraged to listen to stories and then choose something that you want to share.

Stories belong to everyone…what’s your story?

What will you be telling and where will you be telling it?

We are very lucky! Tilly the Tail-Spinner (assisted by her daughter Althea in Year 6) has recorded some special stories, just for Wensum Junior.

We will be sharing one everyday.

We will upload a new story every day.

If you want to share a story, tell your teacher. We’d love to put yours on the blog!

We are Storytellers too, Two!

Maram in Year 6 has enjoyed creating her own story about a character called Andrea.

She wrote this at home and then shared her story using Seesaw.

Here is Maram reading Chapter one

Do you enjoy writing stories? Why not do like Maram did and put a recording of your story on Seesaw for everyone to enjoy?

We are readers…and we are storytellers!

Althea in Year 6 recently did something very cool! She told a story to an audience of children and adults from all over the world!

Althea took part in a World Storytelling Cafe on Zoom. Althea’s performance starts at 51 minutes.

We’re so proud of you Althea and your amazing story telling skills.