This week at Wensum

Another busy week was enjoyed by all at Wensum. Here is a summary of what’s been going on:

We are mathematicians: Year 6 have been doing revision sessions ahead of their SATS. Jo and Tash report back that the kids have shown a fantastic attitude in the sessions demonstrating focus, hard work and a positive attitude. Year 3 and 4 have started a unit on money, and Year 5 are exploring angles.

We are readers, writers, storytellers: Year 3 and 4 have been writing, editing and rehearsing original river poems for their We are geographers showcase. Great to see the children working independently and supporting each other as they practice their poems.

We are geographers: Year 5 and 6 have started work on their independent projects. This is always one of our favourite parts of the school year as the children get themselves into groups and define a personal response to their project led by a driving question. The kids really step up and while it can sometimes feel frantic if not a little chaotic, experience tells us that this is where the rubber hits the road: they always deliver!

And not forgetting: Forest Schools, gardening, PE, circus skills with Lost in Translation and much more besides. Enjoy the gallery!

We went to How Hill!

At How Hill we did lots of different activities. We did dyke dipping, orienteering and pond dipping. We were looking for the different deer hoof prints and we saw lots of deer poo! We also had lunch in the wooden classroom. 

We had to follow our leader, as they knew what we were meant to do and where to go. We had lots of fun there but I really enjoyed bird watching on the broads. Our leader showed us how deep the mud was on each side of the pathway.  It was really deep and as she pulled out the long stick, it felt like it was never going to stop! The mud level was taller than all of us and the adults. Our leader said that it would be deeper but she couldn’t find a long enough stick! I was so surprised that it was deeper!

When I asked the class ‘how did you find the trip?’ Mackenzie said that he found the trip very good until he was sick on the coach.  Aaliyah said it was pretty fun and pretty exciting. Harry said he enjoyed it and found it interesting. Parker found the trip really good! Jayden found it very nice but he also got sick on the coach. Sanuka found the trip very fun! Abigail loved the trip. Nabiha thought the trip was very good! Ted said the trip was the best! Harriet found the trip exciting. Tash really enjoyed tracking the deer by finding their poo and footprints!! Lily thought it was really muddy but enjoyed the adventures.  

Hope you enjoy looking at through our pictures.

From Emily 🙂

Year 5/6 trip to the National Space Centre

My space centre recollection

I really enjoyed going to the space centre. When I woke up I felt tired and excited at the same time.

The building looked like a giant pickle made out of bubble wrap but if you looked close up from outside you could see the rocket inside. But what I loved most was the planetarium but sadly our chairs didn’t lean back! The whole ceiling was a giant screen and I felt like I was in space! My second favourite thing was going in the space capsule replica, it was awesome.

When we went up the elevator to the top floor I was a bit scared because I’m afraid of heights. We got little booklets to write in after lunch. I’m glad that we got to sit with whoever we want but the teachers split our class.

By Leo Ferguson in Sphinx Class

Thursday 27th September – Refill Norwich and Anglian Water

Richard Park from Anglian Water and representatives of the Refill Norwich initiative visited Wensum to interview the children about their views on water use, recycling and plastic.  The children got the opportunity to talk about their learning from last term’s Working as Geographers project and our links with the Eco Champs in Durban.  Click here to find out more about the Refill Initiative. Click below to watch the short film the team made of their visit to our school.


Wednesday 18th July – Year 3 Working as Geographers Showcase

What a great atmosphere at our showcase! On Wednesday, the year 3 children finally got to share their geography learning with their families. They took their families on a tour of Anderson’s Meadow, showing off their hand-drawn maps, and worked together with their adults to identify the different creatures we found in the bushes and the river. The children were so proud of their work, and everyone got totally stuck in. A big thanks to all families who could make it, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!   

Tuesday 17th July – Year 5 revisit their Wensum city walk

Year 5 bring their Working as Geographers project to an end by revisiting the city river walk they undertook at the start of the project.  Much has happened since then; much learning has taken place, and this was evident in the informed way that talked on the walk.  When they return to class they will redo their map, picking up WaG that focuses on modifying maps.

Family Fun Day Preparations

This week Nick Sanderson from the Broads Authority visited Year 4 in preparation for our Family Fun Day next week.

The whole of Year 4 split into 5 groups in readiness for taking part in Geo caching, pond dipping, arts and crafts and rounders, which are some of the activities we want to run next week.

Nick got everyone  Geo Caching (digital orienteering) , Mr Wild helped the children make butterflies and dragonflies, Mrs Hornsby got the groups pond dipping and Miss Fiddament got the children active playing rounders.

Hopefully now the children have done this they will be well prepared to teach all the families these activities themselves..


Year 3 learn how to filter dirty water


Yesterday afternoon, Year 3 did some experiments to find out how to filter dirty water.  We got some REALLY dirty water and filtered it through coarse and fine sand.  We had lots of fun finding out whether coffee filters or paper towels did a better job of stopping the dirt from getting through.  We also enjoyed learning about how water from our rivers is made clean enough to drink.  (P.S. the pictures were all taken by a member of our class!)