11.03.20 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a busy start to the day and lots to do. We split into 2 groups one group went and started planting in the front gardens the other group stayed in the garden area on the field. We cleaned out the chickens, water plants and made a new compost bin. We have lots growing now so we are starting to plan where it will go. Lucas is helping us to make an Anderson shelter which has been really interesting and given us new skills to learn. We can’t wait for next week though it looks very busy already.

Year 5 and Maple Travel Back in Time!

We visited Gressenhall Museum and Farm to experience what life was like on the ‘homefront’ during World War 2.

We met an officer from the Homeguard who taught us self-defense, using a broomstick handle as a bayonet! We had to ‘fall in’, stand to attention and march in line. He even checked that we weren’t spies.

We met a ‘land girl’ on the farm who showed us how to clean the harnesses for the Suffolk Punch horses. We tried our hand at milking cows (using fake udders) and learned how the role of women changed during World War 2, as many women stepped in to keep farms, factories and transport going.

The Air Raid Precautions Warden let us hear a real air raid siren and try on a gas mask. We huddled in the air raid shelter and sang ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary!” He showed us playing cards from World War 2 which featured pictures of German, Japanese and RAF planes.

In the cottage, we helped make chocolate truffles using rationed ingredients. There was even mash potato in the mixture but some of us still gave it the thumbs up!

At the village shop, we saw how to show our ration card to buy portions of food. We learned how people used their gardens and parks to grow food and kept chickens to help stretch out their rations.

We had an amazing time at Gressenhall. We were able to show how much we have learned about life on the Homefront. We also gained lots of new ideas, to add to our Working as Historians showcase!

Finchley had a Bollywood dance lesson!

Shared write:

We are learning about different cultures, religions, nationalities and identities. Today, we entered the world of Bollywood dance. We learned a whole dance routine and practised it with Indian music. We learned two hand movements. They are called, Padma and Lotus.

We wore a bindi on our forehead and then we chose our costumes to wear. We wore bells on our right ankle and we wore scarfs on our right finger. The boys wore waist coats and the girls wore skirts and sarees.

We thought it was really fun with the singing and movements. We really enjoyed wearing the costumes because they felt special and colourful.

Finchley’s trip to Norwich market

Wednesday 29th January 2020 – shared write

First, we put on our hi-vis jackets to stay safe (Hannah). Then we got into our groups and got ready for the walk (Ameliah).

On our walk to the market, it was quite loud because the whole of year 3 were there. Lillie and I played eye spy (Ashley).

We arrived at the market and separated into four groups (Tash). We then walked around the market, which felt like a maze. We bought different fruits and vegetables (Eden and Adriana). We walked through different isles, bought spices and saw lots of different items (Isabelle). We were amazed by all the tapestry (Charlie-May).

The market smelt really lovely (Aiden and Matilda). We smelt fish and chips, flowers, hot dogs and burgers (Olivia, Lillie, Charlie-May).

I saw a chain of elephants with a bell on the bottom (Daisy). I saw a fabric store and they had flowers and stars on them (Rose). I saw lots of watches (Ella).

At the top of the market, I saw a stall that had metal hanging which made sounds (Jacob). Inside the crystal stall there was lots of Jade and dream catchers (Connor and Adriana).

We also saw a makeup stand with lots of foundation, eyeliner and eye shadow (Eden).

In the market, I saw lots of sunglasses (Jezley). I saw air pods (David). I saw a number plate that said Liverpool on it, but it was spelt in numbers! (Toby). When we got to the back of the stall, we saw a snipper rifle and a mini gun (Tommy).

On the way back to school, it was a long journey and we were all tired and cold. But we made it back and had a great time! (Hannah and Tash).

Recreating Norwich Market

This afternoon, we recreated the market in our classroom. We put all the pictures up and played the videos we took. We walked through the room like it was the aisles. Focusing on our senses, we created word banks for see, smell, hear, touch and taste.  

We laid out all the food we bought on the tables and we tasted them. Some of the vegetables we hadn’t even seen before! But we tried them and added adjectives to our bank to describe them.

Then, in groups we wrote descriptive sentences about the Market. After that, we got into a circle and shared them with a cup of mint tea.

This week in Maple

This week we have been very busy again! We have been learning more about Norwich during world war 2, cooking, doing forest schools and PE as well as all our maths and reading and writing.

Soup and bread

We made our own tomato soup and bread rolls. We sat together and enjoyed the meal at the end of the day. We learnt lots of new things especially about what yeast does and why we need it to make our bread fluffy.

All about 10!

Some of us have been learning all about the number 10 and experimenting with different ways of making it. We used a fun activity with 10 fishes to help us.


We made obstacle courses using items from the forest school area. We then had to trust our partners to help us get safely to the other end. We had to really think about what we were saying when we had to guide our friends. It was quite tricky.

The Blitz

We have looked at some parts of world war 2 this week. We have learnt about the battle of Britain, the Blitz and the bombs that hit Norwich. We looked at a map which shows were all the bombs landed in and around Norwich. We also looked at primary and secondary sources and read a news paper article about the bombings in Norwich. We used the article to find information about the bombings.

Take Cover!

21st January 2020

What a fantastic day! Heigham class have been exploring the school grounds and the rich history of Wensum School. Did you know that we had 10 Air Raid Shelters in the playing field in WW2! Heigham class have been working as historians discovering where these shelters were. They were big. From old technical drawings we found the shelters were 14 metres long. That’s longer than a bus!

There’s no evidence left in the field today, though that didn’t stop us using our mapping skills and curiosity to unleash the past into the present.

Exploring what identity and nationality means 14.01.20

Today, we have been exploring what the definitions of nationality and identity are. We have all shared 3 important things to us. There were pictures, toys, certificates, teddies and lots of other items! We also were creating families with images of people and we decided that a family is a group of humans that love each other. We then discussed what a hobby is and what ours are. To finish the day, we drew a self-portrait and wrote all about ourselves.

Identity: looks, gender, hobbies, family, pets, school, job, religion, age, personality, food and drink, birthday, TV, toys, clothes, music, friends, animals.

Nationality: Where people were born.

Nation: The nation is the large group of people that has a common history and language lives in a specific country

WWII Artefacts romance day 06.01.20

Year 5 had a special day where they were in groups and learnt about WWII. This particular group was learning about different historical artefacts that were used in this time.

One of the artefacts was a gas mask which people used to protect themselves from deadly gasses. The masks had special yellow bags in which to go in. When a bomb dropped it made a noise and that meant everyone had to put on their masks and go to the nearest shelter.

Another artefact shown was a metal hat worn by soldiers to protect themselves from getting hurt from explosions.

Children were sent away to safety. They often travelled with their suitcases filled with toys and necessities. We thought the children were anxious and scared to be leaving their families behind.

This was an interesting session because we learnt a lot of new information that we did not know before. We look forward to finding out more!

First week back!

This week we have been looking at our new topic, we have been learning about what it means to be a historian. We looked at toys that children would have got for Christmas over the last 100 years and tried to work out which were the oldest and which were the newest. We used skills of analysis and interpretation of the photos to make our decision and we didn’t all agree all the time.

We read our song from the come yew in song book which is called ‘Saftey and Shelter’. It is about people who have had to leave the place that they live and go somewhere new. We looked at evacuees and how this happened to children during the war. We watched a clip of ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and then made scenes in the sand to show what might happen when people have to leave their families.

We also looked at some refugee stories and thought about how it must feel to leave your family and arrive in a new place. We then created our own dramas to tell a story of someone who had to leave their family.

We then made sound effects and music to reflect the things that were happening and the emotions that people were feeling in the other groups drama.

In Thrive we thought about laws and rules. We created our own countries and thought about what they would be like. We then came up with laws for our countries. It was quite tricky to make the laws and we had to think about lots of peoples ideas and different points of view.

Forest schools was great fun this week. We made dens from massive sticks and spent ages digging big holes. We had a lovely treat at the end and enjoyed hot chocolate all together.

LE: we made up our own countries – Jigeria shakey shakey shakey and Megaland. We made rules for our own countries such as No hard sweets, we made this rule because we were worried that people might choke. Another rule was that you are only allowed electric cars.

JB: I enjoyed making the countries as well, I thought that making laws was really hard.

ZW: I enjoyed the acting with others. It was about world war 2 and people were leaving their countries.

IG: I enjoyed the drama too. I liked that we helped the other team because we gave them music and sound effects.

ZW: We went in the forest schools area and we made dens and then after that we talked about what we enjoyed and then we had hot chocolate at the end.

LE: I enjoyed helping Mrs Martin make the hot chocolate.

DN: we made hot water and made hot chocolate.