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Working as Scientists Year 3: 2019 - 2020

Class Gallery

In preparation for the Science Festival, year 3 have been creating their project boards. As they are nearly finished, we decided to have class galleries to get helpful feedback. The children really enjoyed seeing their year groups work and receiving feedback. It definitely motivated them to keep going!

Our projects so far:

Shared write: We have been learning about the human body (Ella). Everyone has picked a part of the human body to research, I chose the digestive system (Jonathan). We have been going on the computers to carry out research (Ameliah). We have been creating projects boards because we want people to learn from us (Daisy […]

25.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

Today we climbed and made dens as normal (still great fun every time we do it), we also tried some new things. We made swings and looked at the knots we needed to use and built our own assault course with the free play. After that we tried rolling down the hill and it was […]

Science investigations underway – 18th – 22nd November

Preparations are now underway for our 4th annual science fair. This year it will take place over two days. On day one (Tuesday 3rd December) children will be presenting their science investigations to each other. Day two (Wednesday 4th December) will be a festival of science with 15 visiting scientists, educators, entertainers delivering talks, workshops, […]

18.11.19 Year 3 Outside learning

The sun was shinning and we had a lovely afternoon. We got the clay out, and we made some beautiful things. We also built dens and tried out our new bug hunting set. It was very exciting and we had a lovely time.

18.11.19 Year 3 Homesteading

Today the animal care group were very busy, we cleaned the guinea pigs out and then learned how to hoover up after ourselves. We matched up animal fact cards and talked about how guinea pigs might show that they were scared or happy. We had a lovely time and can;t wait for next week.

11.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

It was cold and windy today but we made the best of it. We made some leaf art to commemorate remembrance day. To do this we collected different leafs and sticks and made them into our own interpretation of poppies. After that we went on to play in our tree circle. Selina helped us make […]

11.11.19 Year 3 Homesteading

Today we cleaned out the guinea pigs, did some planting and some gardening. We planted our polo awareness crocus down the drive, and they will look amazing soon. We topped up and finished filling our keyhole garden and introduced Miss Kinna to our garden. We also raked and bagged the fallen leaves for leaf mulch […]

Making cookies

We are writing this as we wait for our cookies to cook and cool down, they smell delicious!! (Tash) Today, we got really messy making cookies. (Matilda Me) We used a tablespoon to measure the coco powder (Jonathan). We had 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 70 grams of caster sugar (Conner). We measured our […]

04.11.19 Year 3 Outdoor learning

We were lucky and had lovely weather today which we made the best of. We got some hammocks out today, it was great fun learning how to put them up and then how to use them (getting in was a challenge). We also made dens and dug a moat full of alligators eek.