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Outdoor Learning Year 3: 2019 - 2020

20.1.20 Year 3 Outdoor Learning

It was a beautiful afternoon, we climbed trees as it was dry enough again. Some of us got the clay out and made different things (messy but fun). We also pulled out the free play stuff and really enjoyed making an obstacle course and a shop.

13.01.20 Year 3 Homesteading

We started back in the gardens today, there was a lot to do but we were prepared. We cleaned out the chickens and raked out the enclosure, we cut back dead plants, raked up old leaves, and filled the garden beds with fertilizer and manure. Mr H came out with us and we re-organised and […]

Exploring what identity and nationality means 14.01.20

Today, we have been exploring what the definitions of nationality and identity are. We have all shared 3 important things to us. There were pictures, toys, certificates, teddies and lots of other items! We also were creating families with images of people and we decided that a family is a group of humans that love […]

We are recycling!

Today, our year group assembly focus was recycling. We want to get better at recycling and putting the rubbish in the correct bin! We discussed which items go in which bin and how we can support our peers recycling. In groups we shared more ideas and started to design posters to help identify which bin […]

Homesteading: Year 3 13/01/20

Today, during homesteading, Y3 had lots of jobs to get done in the garden! We added fresh compost to the beds, swept and organised the poly tunnel, raked the chicken pen and added more chippings, weeded the flower beds, dug out the compost and much more! The children cooking made an incredible apple crumble! They […]

9.12.19 Year 3 Art

It was cold and windy today, so we decided to go and do some crafts in the art room. It was warmer and we had a great time.

Science Festival day 2 – Wednesday 4th December

Following an amazing day yesterday which saw our young scientists presenting their investigations to each other, we opened our doors to inspirational scientists (educators, entertainers, experts) and families for day 2 of our festival of science. Over the course of the day, children: took part in one of four Q&As where they got to put […]

Reflection of the Science Festival – Dolphin

I enjoyed listening to the questions and I got to ask a question. – Grace In the assembly I enjoyed the juggling. – Leo I liked the whip when it went bang! – Eva I liked it when Dr Ken ate fire. – Ana I found out that they were cutting down the rain forest. […]

The Science Festival

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we took part in Wensum’s Science Festival (Ameliah). We wore lanyards and had certain things on them; including where we had to go and what we were taking part in (Adriana, Jonathan and Hannah). Some of us went to the same activities (Ella), Some of us presented in Finchley class and […]

Science Festival day 1

What an amazing start to our two day festival of science. I think it is safe to say that the children were brave and articulate when they presented their investigations, and honest, kind and respectful when they were in the audience. They have worked so hard over the past few weeks and all that paid […]