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Year 5: 2019 - 2020

Year 5 church visit.

Year 5 Christmas visit to Alive church 17.19.12 Today Turner and Heigham along with Year 6 took a walk to the Alive Church in Nelson Street to perform their Christmas songs in front of their friends and family. On a festive set stage; the children got up and sang Whams Last Christmas, the traditional Starry […]

Science Festival day 2 – Wednesday 4th December

Following an amazing day yesterday which saw our young scientists presenting their investigations to each other, we opened our doors to inspirational scientists (educators, entertainers, experts) and families for day 2 of our festival of science. Over the course of the day, children: took part in one of four Q&As where they got to put […]

Science Festival day 1

What an amazing start to our two day festival of science. I think it is safe to say that the children were brave and articulate when they presented their investigations, and honest, kind and respectful when they were in the audience. They have worked so hard over the past few weeks and all that paid […]

Last minute preparations; one more sleep

Today was an amazing day. The atmosphere around school was extraordinary. Scripts were adjusted, polished, edited live. Rehearsals were underway around every corner. Final coats of paint were applied; display broads were tweaked; the printer ran hot! Kids and staff moved with real purpose, good humour and nervous excitement. One last walk around after school […]

Final preparations underway for science festival

Children and staff have been busy this week getting experiments recorded, investigations completed, scripts tweaked and presentations rehearsed. The atmosphere has been purposeful with children working away in classrooms, the library, art room, and even corridors.

27.11.19 Year 5 Circus

Today we went straight into planning our routines for the next session, we are really near the end now and it is amazing to see what we have achieved. It was hard to remember each move in our routine and the order we each went in but, after some practice we are nearly there. Can’t […]

27.11.19 Year 5 Forest School

It was a grim day, lots of rain and cold as well. Luckily we found out that means there is lots of mud to play with. We had great fun in our mud kitchen and made hammocks as well. Some of the suggestions for next week are clay people and a fire… Watch this space.

Science investigations underway – 18th – 22nd November

Preparations are now underway for our 4th annual science fair. This year it will take place over two days. On day one (Tuesday 3rd December) children will be presenting their science investigations to each other. Day two (Wednesday 4th December) will be a festival of science with 15 visiting scientists, educators, entertainers delivering talks, workshops, […]

20.11.19 Year 5 Circus

We started planning our routines today. That meant that each group was doing something different. It was inspiring to see the lifts and balancing that we achieved. Next week will be amazing.

20.11.19 Year 5 Homesteading

We had a really busy morning, we cleaned out the chickens, raked and re-barked the chicken run as well as clearing out the poly-tunnel and making sure all the plants were watered. Then some of us went and played in the tree circle. We made hammocks and dens as well as a huge mud kitchen, […]