Wensum Sings

Thursday afternoon and we gather on the field for Wensum Sings! This was the first time that we have been together as a school since March last year and it was wonderful. Each year team had been learning a couple of songs to perform to the school and also performed instrumental music with their Sistema tutors. The weather was beautiful and there was a great, almost festival-like atmosphere as we shared in music and song together. An impromptu rendition of ‘Three Lions’, led by Year 5 provided a special opportunity for a whole school sing along. Enjoy the gallery.

Friday Clay Day!

Year 5 were really looking forward to our day in the Art Room today … and the experience didn’t disappoint!

We took our design ideas with us and were able to sculpt with clay to form our finished animal pieces.

In our designs we had to consider how we would make our finished pieces stable.

We learnt a technique for attaching pieces of clay using crosshatching and slip.

It was amazing to see everyone’s designs evolve into their 3D form! We wish we could do this every Friday!!!

We hope you enjoy them!

Worlds in a Box

This week we have been busy on our individual and small group projects. We started with an empty cardboard box and are now busy creating our own scene inside each box. We’ve been creative with our materials: paint, Modroc, lights, cotton wool, grass, twinkly lights and more! We’ve also had to be resourceful with our space – working as a team to transform our classrooms into art studios – and back. It’s been a pleasure to see everyone so immersed in their projects. Next week we’ll be continuing with our designs and starting to think about how we might group these together as an installation. Year 5, you have been amazing!

Explorative Finger painting with Year 5!

Making the most of the gorgeous sunshine, Yeti class ventured outside to explore the idea of painting using shadow. We watched a You Tube artist painting with just the tips of his fingers and jumped at the chance to create our own using celebrities and illustrations. We spoke about how our art would look very different from our stimulus and we embraced the unique technique and found our results very thought provoking.

Year 5 Working as Artists

We have been inspired by Grayson Perry’s Art Club to work on portraits of our own. We took it in turns to observe and capture each other in portrait form. First we used pencil and next we experimented with using tea, coffee and soya sauce to add colour to our portraits. We had to put our trust in each other, when working as artists and as models!

Exploring Artist materials in Yr 5

This week, whist working as artists, some of us came out of our comfort zone! The classrooms were a hive of activity! We’ve been brave and collaborated on some large scale drawings and we have also been problem solving whilst continuing with our ‘Panic at the Tesco’ art project. We have explored using ink to draw with and we have made view finders to explore detail and scale.

We are mathematicians!

This week we have played a Maths game from Somalia. It was similar to draughts but it was called ‘Pumpkin Patch’. We played against each other and tried to think strategically. Today, we continued to work together finding patterns within shapes. We used our mathematical vocabulary to explain the patterns we found.

Welcome back Year 5!

This half-term we are working as artists. We began with expressive mark-making using charcoal and pencil. We explored how different styles of music effected the drawings we made. We tried drawing with each hand and even drawing with our eyes closed. It was brilliant to be back in school, joining in together and having fun!