Science Festival day 1

What an amazing start to our two day festival of science. I think it is safe to say that the children were brave and articulate when they presented their investigations, and honest, kind and respectful when they were in the audience. They have worked so hard over the past few weeks and all that paid off today. There were some nerves to start with, but these soon settled once the presentations were underway. Songs, sketches, double acts and poems. Experiments, models, diagrams, demonstrations. The sheer range of ideas and formats on show was quite staggering and demonstrated that all our young scientists are very creative people. Well done to everyone for today. Tomorrow will be a chance for families to come and find out more and for the children to enjoy workshops, demonstrations, talks and an expert Q&A! Times for the families showcases are as follows:

10.15 – 11: Year 6 and Maple class

11.15 – 12: Year 3

1.15 – 2: Year 4

2.15 – 3: Year 5

Please arrive ten minutes ahead of your presentation time so you can get seated. Enjoy the gallery from today.

Last minute preparations; one more sleep

Today was an amazing day. The atmosphere around school was extraordinary. Scripts were adjusted, polished, edited live. Rehearsals were underway around every corner. Final coats of paint were applied; display broads were tweaked; the printer ran hot! Kids and staff moved with real purpose, good humour and nervous excitement. One last walk around after school revealed classrooms sitting silent and ready for tomorrow. Scroll through the slideshow to get a flavour of the day. Enjoy.

Science investigations underway – 18th – 22nd November

Preparations are now underway for our 4th annual science fair. This year it will take place over two days. On day one (Tuesday 3rd December) children will be presenting their science investigations to each other. Day two (Wednesday 4th December) will be a festival of science with 15 visiting scientists, educators, entertainers delivering talks, workshops, demonstrations and sitting on expert Q&A panels. Day two will also include the family showcase. The atmosphere around school is purposeful and focused with Year 3 really stepping up to the new challenge of working as scientists. Keep up to date with the blogs over the coming week.

11.10.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

We had an interesting afternoon full of den building and experiments. Some of us teamed up together to try and make dens that would be waterproof, we found that it was much harder with the more people in a group, and using more didn’t always make it easier. In the pond area we found a range of things that are interesting and enjoyed the challenge of finding out what they were. In our free play area we enjoyed some parkour (we were running up boards) and experimenting with how high we could get people on our impromptu see saw.

11.10.19 Year 6 Homesteading

Today we talked about community. We discussed what it was and what it meant. We also talked about how we could help our school community. With that in mind we went out to gardening, we helped year 4 finish their gardening plots and removed excess soil to fill the year 3 keyhole garden. We had an amazingly productive day. Some of us also started sorting out the seeds we have been donated (thanks to Dorset Tea and Thomson and Morgan) to begin creating a seed catalogue for everyone to use. We cleaned and cleared the polytunnel and did a litter pick. It was a very busy day, helping others was fun.

04.10.19 Year 6 Outdoor learning

It was a bit drizzly this afternoon but we made the best of it. We made some amazing dens and learnt some new knots while we did it. Our mud area has turned into a swamp but we had great fun playing around in it and came out a lovely muddy mess. Some of us split up and made our own gymnastic equipment and had fun showing of our moves. It was a fun afternoon, looking forward to next week 🙂