Wensum Sings

Thursday afternoon and we gather on the field for Wensum Sings! This was the first time that we have been together as a school since March last year and it was wonderful. Each year team had been learning a couple of songs to perform to the school and also performed instrumental music with their Sistema tutors. The weather was beautiful and there was a great, almost festival-like atmosphere as we shared in music and song together. An impromptu rendition of ‘Three Lions’, led by Year 5 provided a special opportunity for a whole school sing along. Enjoy the gallery.

Sphinx Class hear tales of DNA and smugglers!

Today in Year 6 we had a special 1 hour story telling session with Dr Mandy Hartley, in the marquee that has been erected on the lower field. Mandy has written a series of books called the DNA Detectives, and the session brought one of these books (The Smuggler’s Daughter) to life.

During the session, children got to dress up as smugglers and Kingsmen to help re-enact the story. They also got hands on with creating DNA strands to help find out what an ancient smuggler looked like, as well as hunt for treasure!

We all loved the session- thank you Mandy!

Year 6’s amazing Fun Run

Here are a few photos from the Fun Run that Year 6 did this afternoon. Everyone had to complete as many laps of the school field as they could in 30 minutes. In total, the children completed 482 laps! This is an incredible achievement, well done everybody!

We completed the run in order to raise money for our Year 6 Leaver’s Event. If you would like to donate to this, please contact the school office.

Year 6 learn about Persecution for Schools of Sanctuary

Today in Year 6, we have been learning about persecution and different groups of people who have migrated to the UK.
We learnt that persecution is when someone is cruel to someone else or discriminates against other people because they disagree with what other people believe.

Jala, Jake, Rosemary and Maram were experts and came round to tell us about different groups who have migrated to Britain because they were persecuted in their own country. We found out some interesting facts…
-Jews migrated from Russia because they were blamed for the death of Jesus and accused of eating babies.
-Protestants were persecuted in France because King Louis wanted everyone to be catholics.
-Palatines came from Northern Germany. They were the victims of a war. They were welcomed to start with but soon got sent away because they didn’t have skills.

The photos show the children in groups making notes about persecuted groups as they listen to their experts.

Year 6 Sphinx texture art

Today we experimented with creating texture in a piece of art. To achieve this we used a special paste made from baking soda, glue and acrylic paint.

First we got cardboard strips and spread out the paste onto our cardboard square.

Next we used various tools to make different patterns in the paint.

Devon said “it was fun making patterns in the paste”

Maram said “it was hard writing words”

Year 6 explore value in art

Today we learnt that value in art describes how light or dark a colour or shade can be. We also learnt that we can create different hues by gradually adding white or black to a base colour. We created colour charts to try out this new technique. Then we created our own artworks that showed the different values of one colour. The results were amazing!

Year 6 make Infinity Mirror installations

On Wednesday afternoon we looked at Yayoi Kusama’s amazing Infinity Room art installations (where she uses mirrors to make objects in a room appear to go on for infinity). Then, we created our own infinity rooms by joining together 4 mirrors. We had an amazing time exploring how different objects looked in our room.

Here’s some things we disovered:

“If we put 4 mirrors together and put something in the middle it duplicates”- Lilly

“Looking from different angles changed the view”- Devon

“If you put a pair of scissors in they look like a pyramid”- Lexie

“If you put things in at random, it still makes a beautiful pattern”- Leah