We are artists

The show finally opened this morning. We had over 160 visitors today, including a number of members of the public who came in off the street to see what it was all about. The work looks amazing and the feedback from everyone has been really positive. They think you rock as artists! Good work, everyone. Remember that the show is open again tomorrow between 10 and 2 so if you haven’t done so already, come and take a look.

We are artists – 3 days to go

This week your teachers have been busy behind the scenes, working in the gallery after school to get the work up and ready for the weekend. Things are starting to look very interesting indeed. All year teams are now represented, but there are a few finishing touches needed before the big reveal. Year 6 visit on Friday before we open to the public on Saturday morning. Enjoy the gallery of the, er, gallery.

We are artists…it’s coming!

Exciting times. Suzy and Pete transferred the kid’s art work down to the gallery on Thursday morning and then Pete and Amy went back in the afternoon to start setting up the Year 3 show. Over the coming days the other year teams will be getting their artwork up and installed. Afterschool, our friends from Lost in Translation came on site with Paul and his team to set up the tent which will be our arts base for the next two weeks. Story telling workshops, Wensum Sings and performances from Sistema all await. Hopefully you have booked the dates for the exhibition. If not, then it’s the 10th and 11th July, 10am-2pm. Hope to see you there.

Year 6 Sphinx texture art

Today we experimented with creating texture in a piece of art. To achieve this we used a special paste made from baking soda, glue and acrylic paint.

First we got cardboard strips and spread out the paste onto our cardboard square.

Next we used various tools to make different patterns in the paint.

Devon said “it was fun making patterns in the paste”

Maram said “it was hard writing words”

Year 6 explore value in art

Today we learnt that value in art describes how light or dark a colour or shade can be. We also learnt that we can create different hues by gradually adding white or black to a base colour. We created colour charts to try out this new technique. Then we created our own artworks that showed the different values of one colour. The results were amazing!

Year 6 make Infinity Mirror installations

On Wednesday afternoon we looked at Yayoi Kusama’s amazing Infinity Room art installations (where she uses mirrors to make objects in a room appear to go on for infinity). Then, we created our own infinity rooms by joining together 4 mirrors. We had an amazing time exploring how different objects looked in our room.

Here’s some things we disovered:

“If we put 4 mirrors together and put something in the middle it duplicates”- Lilly

“Looking from different angles changed the view”- Devon

“If you put a pair of scissors in they look like a pyramid”- Lexie

“If you put things in at random, it still makes a beautiful pattern”- Leah