Year 6, it’s a wrap

Filming team reports concluded mid-afternoon on Friday. We re-recorded each of the lines for ’51 Voices’ (our climate emergency call to arms) and recorded 20 team reports. These will be shown across the school in our Science Watch Party on Monday 14th December and then will be made available to families via the website from Friday 18th December. Year 6 have worked really hard over the last two weeks, showing dedication and resilience, especially when multiple takes were needed!

Year 6, filming starts

Amazing day today as filming got underway for ’51 Voices’ and the team science reports. Despite redrafting the hand written scripts, there was plenty to do as the words came to life on film. Pens in hand, last minute adjustments were made during rehearsals. Super vibe across the two classes with a real sense of purpose as the deadline approached. Films will be first shown as part of our We are Scientists Watch Party on Monday. Content will be available on the website by the end of the week so we can share our hard work with everyone at home.

Last day of rehearsals!

This morning, both classes have got together and we had our last run through before recording our class film clips. We found it so exciting performing to the other class! We all enjoyed it – even if we had a nervous tummy. Tash and Verity are very proud of all our hard work and we are too! We will share our film clips with you soon.

Year 6: scripts finalised, rehearsals begin

It was another busy day for Year 6. Following feedback from Paul and Pete, teams edited their scripts and started the process of rehearsing their lines. They worked so hard to learn what they had written as well as remember all about body language, projection and eye contact. This is a big leap in such a short period of time but Paul and I were really proud of how their applied themselves. Noisy, chaotic, frustrating, but that is the stuff of rehearsals. Tomorrow we film the team presentations….

Jack and Harvey’s Eco Pledge

Recently Harvey and I have made lots small videos to put together into an Imovie for our project which is about using social media to promote the profile of our Eco pledge. We believe passionately about Wensum becoming a proper eco school. Our video shows how much Wensum junior cares for the environment and what we propose to do to get our eco profile. We need to make this change for the benefit of our planet. You will find our video on our school Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the school website. ENJOY OUR VIDEO!

ps: please share our video on social media so that our message can be spread as wide as possible.

From Jack and Harvey

Yeti class.

Year 6, script writing

Wow! What a day. Paul and Pete have completed tutorials with each team to go through the key messages and ensure that the science is secure. It has been intense but really rewarding. Script writing this afternoon had a real sense of purpose as the deadline loomed. We will start filming the team responses tomorrow. Well done, everyone. One last push.

Year 6, 51 voices

Year 6 gather on the playground at 9am to record a rough cut of ’51 Voices’, a script that aims to explain the scientific context to their project on combatting climate change. After this the children convened their groups to pick up the work on their personal responses where they are creating 90 second presentations on a solution of their choice. It is going to be a busy and intense week….

Yeti class debate – Should Plastic be banned?

Today, the Bioplastic team organised a class debate. There were two teams (the affirmative and opposing team) a speaker and an audience. We had never done it before and we think we did really well! We were shy in our first attempt, relaxed in our second and passionate in our third! We can’t wait to do it again! Well done Bioplastic team!

From Jack and Isla

Yeti class

yeti plans for tomorrow!

Yeti have taken over the classroom [Jo has no job!!!!!] lol

today we re-focused on our driving questions, delved deeper into our research and some of us set up our investigations in class.

tomorrow, Chloe will be conducting her paper audit across y5 and the Bioplastic team are going to set up a debate room with the motion “Should plastic be banned?” We are looking forward to our voices being heard!

From Lily and Charlie

Yeti class :]

Year 6 Science Blog- We are the New Optimists

Monday 30th November

Today, we discussed the challenge we have been given for the Science Fair:

Develop an alternative and sustainable approach to energy usage

a)across the school site

b)in the local community

We discussed this and made sure we understand what all the important words mean.

We read about Greta Thunberg and thought about why we need to be like her!

Finally, we worked as a class to decide what we need to tell people about energy usage and about global warming. This is the list we came up with:

Don’t be a fossil fool! (Tegan)

Don’t be a relentless car driver (Josh)

Use less plastic (Ashleigh)

Join us in the fight to save the planet- it’s not over yet! (Maram)

Go vegetarian and eat more plants to help (Leah)

The ice caps are melting and the polar bears need saving (Jamie)

Don’t waste food (Sophie)

Plants are blooming early and we should act early (Rosemary)

Use renewable energy way more often. Keep fossil fuels in the ground (Ajay)

Walk more instead of driving (Lilly-Jane)