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The highest score was 32 by the Pink Fluffy Unicorn Team (Ben W, Jake, Toby and Riley)

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Year 3’s Quiz of the Year 2015 – 2016


Bottle Rockets

Year 3 have had an excellent Science based morning looking at rockets and how they work! We then made our own bottle rockets and launched them across the playground!! Great fun was had and the children loved it whilst learning about forces and how water propels the bottles through the sky!!


Tuesday 12th July. Drawing our habitats

Another lovely afternoon, this time spent drawing from our habitats and the vegetable garden.  Some children drew a number of different habitats, others made more sustained drawings of their favourite bits.  Others spent their time simply looking and experiencing everything first hand.

Monday 11th July – Harvest Soup

While we have been busily working the seeds we planted after Easter have been busy growing and today was the time to harvest, bringing a project that started with healthy eating back in October last year to an amazing and dramatic end.  The whole of year 3 went out to harvest the crops first thing today.  To the delight of children and staff alike, we worked through the 7 square foot gardening boxes identifying the vegetables and then carefully removing the ones that were ready.  We then transported them back to Mr Whalen’s class for a closer inspection.  Inspired by the work, Mr Whalen used them in his assembly, before taking them back to class so they could be prepared for the soup.  Mr Whalen worked with a small group on some REAL maths, working out the average number of peas in a pod (7), the total number of peas (437) and how many we’d have each if we divided them equally amongst ourselves (7, with 38 left over).  In the afternoon we prepared the vegetables for soup which we then served with crusty bread at the end of the day.  Not everyone loved the soup, but most people tried it which is the most important thing.  Well done everyone for your hard work over the last 9 months.  It has been an amazing journey.

Sistema Concert. Saturday 9th July

Well done to our Sistema orchestra who braved torrential rain to rehearse and perform with children from Lakenham, Norwich Primary Academy and Catton Grove on Satuday. They rehearsed from 10 – 12pm and then the concert was from 1 – 2.30pm. There was fantastic support from our parents.  Most of the children had not picked up an instrument before September last year, let alone played in an orchestra! 10 months later and they are confidently performing in front of family, friends and strangers!  Well done to everyone involved.  Sistema has now finished for this academic year so we look forward to dusting off the instruments in September and welcoming new children from Year 3!

A big thank you to the parents and families who ferried, transported and supported with great joy and enthusiasm.

Thursday 30th June

Thursday 30th June was our first ever Romance Event.  Children spent the afternoon with their new teachers and took part in workshops based around the REAL science project themes for September. The aims were simple:  to excite the children about science and capture their ideas, thoughts, questions so that these could be used by their teachers when they meet this week to plan the projects.  The Year 3 team went down to Nelson to work with the Year 2’s who will be joining us in September.  Thanks to staff for their hard work and imagination in planning the sessions and to the children for their engagement and excitement as they explore and discovered.

Pizza Making in Year 3!

Drake and Stark classes had an excellent day learning about how to make pizza! They got to make pizzas, learnt about the main ingredients, and then got to taste their work! Our pizza expert Ben was amazing and all of the children had a great morning working incredibly hard! Thank you to Ben for his time and expertise!


Wensum Junior Football Kit

Dear families!

Wensum have been selected to receive a brand new football kit. We would like you to help us choose which kit. Voting will take less than 10 seconds and your opinion is highly valued!

Navy and Blue


Green and Black


Place your votes before Thursday 30th June 2016

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