Animal week in Year 5!

We continue to follow the journey made by Grayson Perry and his Art Club show and this week, the theme is animals! We explored pattern and colour when creating some exciting animal patterns. We then drafted some sketches of possible ideas for when we hit the Art room on Friday and work with clay. Yeti have decided to create a collaborative piece including a rainforest inspired landscape, complete with a wonderful array of animals. Today, we used Modroc to sculpt the terrain for the animals to be placed once finished. It was messy but wow, we had fun!

Year 5- walking as Historians

On Friday morning, the whole Year 5 walked to Magdalen Street.  We walked the whole length of this ancient street to look for evidence of different cultures and for evidence that the street was built in different times in history.

Magdalen Street is the focus of our Working as Historians REAL project and is located in the oldest part of Norwich.  In February we will be returning to explore the Viking history of this area.

To support your child’s learning, it would be great if you could talk to them about what they can remember (in particular- how do they know that different buildings were built at different times?) and what they most enjoyed.

Year 5 start to learn about earth and space

Year 5 started workings as scientists by doing activities about earth and space.  Yesterday we tested a variety of rocks using hand lenses and magnifying glasses.  We went out on the playground and used chalk to map out the solar system.  Today we watched a video about Galileo and Copernicus and had a vote about who was the greatest astronomer before doing space art based on the work of abstract artist Peter Moore.


Year 5 pupils from Turner class received their own personal dictionaries today from Tony Darwood and Bridget Youngs (Rotary Club).

All year 4 and 5 pupils will receive these over the next few days.

Thank you very much.

Tuesday 17th July – Year 5 revisit their Wensum city walk

Year 5 bring their Working as Geographers project to an end by revisiting the city river walk they undertook at the start of the project.  Much has happened since then; much learning has taken place, and this was evident in the informed way that talked on the walk.  When they return to class they will redo their map, picking up WaG that focuses on modifying maps.