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Heigham cooking Friday 4th May.

It’s Tasty Tikka Turkey Balls time!!

We have been making Tikka turkey balls today using fresh meat, fresh herbs, spices and vegetables. Curry powder was added to give it a bit of flavour. Using a wooden spoon, some of the ingredients were mixed up but then the fun began when the children had to put the mixture in their hands to shape it into a ball! Some of them declined as it looked “Too mushy” As a bonus we used fresh mint from our own herb garden.  At the end of the afternoon Heigham all came together to taste what they had made along with a yogurt and mint dip and carrots. The general opinion by the children was that the food was great and we had lots of thumbs up!!  Mrs May also got the children  to draw posters for the food tech room to show other children how to prepare for cooking.