Update:  Please note that class reps will continue to meet weekly on Zoom during lockdown, and agendas will continue to be discussed at class-level.

Democracy has had a reboot at Wensum. Under the banner of 'a strong voice for young people' which is one of the immediate priorities identified by Norwich City Council as part of their ambitious 2040 City Vision we overhauled our model and relaunched it in September.

Each class has three representatives. They are selected at random and serve a six week term. By using this approach (rather than the traditional 'popularity and confidence contest' that nominations to school council can so easily become), nearly 75% of our children will have served on the Pupil Council by the end of the year. This ensures that we hear from a much more diverse range of voices while also contributing to our commitment to oracy and articulacy.

There are two meetings a week. The Class Meeting and the Pupil Council. During the Class Meeting reps feed back from the previous Pupil Council and capture 'class voice' on the issues being discussed so they can feed forward at the next Pupil. The Pupil Council takes place every Friday. It is chaired by Pete (Deputy Headteacher) with minutes taken by a member of staff. Minutes from the meeting are typed up and emailed to classes in time for their next Class Meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is informed by the SIDP (School Improvement and Development plan) so that the all children, via their reps, have a meaningful role to play in contributing to the improvement and development of our school. This term we are tackling issues around being happy, healthy and safe in school including physical wellbeing, healthy eating, and happy and safe play.


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