Welcome to the Eco Council2


In October 2015 we formed an Eco Council.  The job of the council is to create a plan that will lead to our school being awarded the Bronze Eco Schools Award. This would mean that we take environmental and sustainability issues really seriously across all aspects of school life.

To gain the award we need complete a series of tasks:

1. Set up the council.  (Done)

2. Complete an environmental audit (Done – see below)

3. Turn the review into an action plan (Done – click Eco Council Action Plan, March 2016 to access)

4. Turn the action plan into action by rolling it out across the school (Summer 2016)

Please follow the Eco Council Blog for updates.

The environmental audit

The table below records our progress with the audit.  Click the links to access supporting documentation.

Audit focus Documentation Working with experts 
Litter Litter
Waste and recycling Waste and recycling audit
Energy Energy, Energy Crimes at WJS  Nige Stannett, Goldcrest Education (24/11/15)
School grounds School grounds audit
Biodiversity Biodiversity  Clare Whitelegg, RSPB  (8/12/15)
Healthy living
A global perspective