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Eco Blog

Tuesday 8th December:  Clare Whitelegg from the RSPB visited today to work with the Eco Council to explore the extent to which the school site promotes biodiversity.  The council reps carried out a grounds survey identifying habitat-rich features (such as mature trees) and using this to identify the kinds of habitats we could introduce to promote wider biodiversity (wildflower meadows, a pond, hedgerow).  A really informative morning.


Friday 27th November:  A quick Eco Council meeting to complete the data entry from Tuesday’s workshop with Goldcrest Outdoor Education.


Tuesday 24th November: Nige Stannett from Goldcrest Outdoor Learning visitedWensum Junior School and worked with the Eco Council to investigate energy usage (and wastage!) in school.  Over the course of the day the council reps explored the impact of different fuels on the environment locally, nationally and internationally, played games to understand how global warming works, completed a whole school energy survey and then finished with archery!  The biggest energy issue in school?  Lights and computer monitors being left on when not in use.