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12th February

This afternoon we have been doing some REAL maths to complete a very important task: working out the percentage of our school site given over to different habitats and environment types such as mature trees, hedgerow and tarmac. The results of this task will give us some really useful data to guide our plans for transforming the school site and can be found on the Environmental Audit section of the Eco Council Welcome page.

REAL maths:  Working from a map of the school site that I had transferred onto squared paper the first task was to work out how we could work out the total area (count all the squares – thanks, Sophie) and then work out how to calculate the percentage of the school site taken up by the specified features.  Through discussion we worked out that we could count the squares covered by the different features and then divide that figure by the total area.  We then multiplied the answer by 100 to get the %.  Some of the figures are quite alarming and point us towards some areas for obvious improvement.