Welcome to Wensum

"The mere imparting of information is not education."  Carter G Woodson

We are so privileged in having the unique job of working alongside young people to help listen to and support them to become kind, honest, respectful, brave and wise young people understanding their place in and their impact within our world.

We are a school for children. This may sound like an obvious statement but it is often so easy to forget. Children are at the heart of everything we do. We work hard to develop a strong voice for everyone so the school’s direction, curriculum, structure and experiences are shaped by and through the children.

Our democratic system allows every child a say on how things are run, resolved and planned. Children have the final say in the food, the staff we recruit and the resolution if certain crisis and issues.

We hope that in developing this articulacy alongside our three strong values of honesty, kindness and respect, we set children up in the best possible way to succeed later in life.

If you want to see this in action, please do not hesitate in getting in touch and coming in to speak with the children or any member of our school community.