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Home learning

Welcome to our new Home learning page. We will do everything we can to ensure that work is regularly set for your child during this period of enforced school closures so that learning can continue.

By the end of the week all children will bring home a new exercise book that contains a great deal of useful information. They will be encouraged to use the book to record the work that they complete. They will have also ‘joined’ their digital classroom on Seesaw, our new online platform, that will provide a bridge between home and school and where they can access work set by their teacher. You will also have a family login to Seesaw so you can engage with the learning directly.

What is coming home

  • An exercise book that contains a day planner; useful links to online resources; Seesaw login details for you and your child; information for staying safe online; login details for specific educational sites we use; useful emails for home school contact. It will also provide a space to complete work
  • A maths booklet with age appropriate activities
  • A multiplication booklet
  • Ideas for a range of maths activities
  • A booklet containing a range of English activities
  • A reading book
  • A pen


Seesaw ( is an amazing online home learning platform where teachers will set work daily for your child to complete. Depending on what is set, work can be completed on line, be uploaded or done in the exercise book. Work will be stored in the individual child’s online folder. Teachers can monitor work and provide feedback. We urge you to activate your unique family login and engage as much as possible with your child’s learning during this time. Children will need help and guidance with using it, at least initially. Over the coming days, useful links will also be added in the year team curriculum pages under the Curriculum tab on the homepage.

Contact with school

Seesaw will be the primary point of contact between home and school. Teachers can make announcements to their class and comments can be left by teachers and children. Families can also make contact through the platform. In addition to this, there is a list of useful email addresses in your child’s exercise book, providing you with another way to get in touch.

NEW! Easter holiday working

Teachers will be setting work on Seesaw up until Wednesday 1st April.  As a leadership team, we do not expect teachers to set, check or respond to work between Thursday 2nd April and Friday 17th April. If you child wishes to continue with their online learning over this period please encourage them to do so. There is plenty of work ready for them.  They can also continue to access the links to Sumdog, Mathletics, Bugclub etc. Please ensure that they are reading regularly.

and lastly…

Stay safe, look after yourselves and each other, and just shout if we can help in anyway. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. If you have any concerns about the safety of a child – yours or someone elses – then you need to take action. Please click the link below to find out how to do this.