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Gardening underway again

It’s been great to work with year teams this week as they push on with a range of jobs in the gardens around school.

Year 3: On Monday the kids were in learning about the Eatwell plate and finding out about what makes a healthy balanced diet. This ties in with this weeks unit on the digestive system. They will be using this learning to choose what to grow for themselves

Year 4: Tash and I worked with a group clearing up the polytunnel. We harvested the last remaining tomatoes and dug up some very oddly shaped carrots! We then dug over the beds to get them ready for the new growing season.

Year 6: Michelle, Paul and I worked with Year 6 to weed the beds and pathways at the front of school. We planted some heather and started to cover the beds with leave mould. A small group worked together to start building a bug hotel.

I will be working with Year 5 tomorrow. Can’t wait. Enjoy the gallery.