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Heigham’s Last Forest School Session

Today, Heigham Class had their last Forest School session!

In the morning, they explored mini-beasts, took part in pond dipping, made beautiful crafts and whittled their sticks ready for their afternoon session. They were served some delicious minestrone soup they had in their cooking session and ate it around the fire.

A group of children were very shocked and excited to find fully formed frogs in the pond and developing tadpoles! We all discussed the importance of a frog’s habitat and how to conserve it to look after the ecology of the pond. Also, the children investigated some translucent pond snail shells, a water spider and blood worms.

Whilst digging and investigating mini beasts, the children found wriggly grubs, worms and red ants and identified and researched them using books and keys.

Mr Swan walked around the school field with the children finding new oak trees to replant and identified flower and plant species.

At the end of the morning, we all tried some delicious Romanian tea made by one of the children.

The afternoon brought new challenges where they had to work out how to keep their fire alight which they built to roast their marshmallows for their s’mores! I must say they were delicious! Some of the children decided to make name plaques out of wood and used palm drills to bore holes for them to hang string from. They looked gorgeous.

These past few weeks, Heigham Class have practised many skills including: patience (a lot!), problem solving, team work, investigation, managing their own risk, identification, communication, manners and how to boil a kettle!

Thank you so much Heigham Class for a wonderful term of Forest School, it has been an absolute pleasure.

Miss Metcalf 🌿