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Making cookies

We are writing this as we wait for our cookies to cook and cool down, they smell delicious!! (Tash)

Today, we got really messy making cookies. (Matilda Me) We used a tablespoon to measure the coco powder (Jonathan). We had 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 70 grams of caster sugar (Conner). We measured our ingredients with scales (Lillie and Adriana). We used our hands for mixing the dough – it got everywhere! (Rose). When we started to mix the ingredients it changed into different colours (Ameliah) light to dark (Jonathan). I really enjoyed mixing (Savannah). I liked measuring the ingredients (Mason). We made the cookie dough into little balls and the squashed them down ready to put in the oven (Hannah). I thought it was very fun making them (Ana) Aiden, Robert, Lillie and Matilda did a brilliant job cleaning and sweeping the floor – thank you!