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Romance day 1: cooking. 6.01.20

For year 5’s Working as Historians project it was decided to look at WW2 . For our romance event we looked at food rationing and recipes cooked during that time.

We cooked raspberry snow and tasted Norfolk pudding. We used sago, milk, water, jam and sugar to make raspberry snow. We didn’t taste the raspberry snow as it wasn’t cooked properly but we did examine it. The class thought it looked like melted strawberry ice-cream with bits in it! (No one dared try any!)

There was also some Norfolk pudding to try. This was made using rice, milk, currants, sugar, candid peel, salt , sultanas, suet and nutmeg. This received a very mixed review with some children enjoying it and others not. During the war imperial measures like oz and lbs were used instead of metric so that is something we will need to get used this term during cooking.