At Wensum, we follow the WhiteRose scheme of work alongside other resources such as NRich and NCETM tools to allow children to develop their mathematics and move towards mastery at their year level. Following this scheme allows children to further their understanding of maths due the depth of coverage in class.

To assess maths, we use the Norfolk Assessment Pathway (NAPs). NAPs is structured by strands of assessment which link to the National Curriculum and WhiteRose. We assess children on each strand of learning, resulting in true and reliable data. This in turn informs planning and teaching.

Assessing Maths at Wensum

Please click the link to review the I can assessment statements we use. These are pasted into pupils' books so that they can see where they are securing age related expectations and where they still need to go:  I can...maths 3, 4, 5, 6