Wensum Menu from 25th April 2022

Jacket Potatoes are available every day, with a choice of these toppings:

  • Plain with butter
  • Cheese
  • Baked Beans
  • Cheese & Baked Beans
  • Tuna

Hot Tomato Pasta with Cheese is available every day.

Here are pictures of our meals. This is a set of pictures of Aspens’ standard menu.  Wensum’s menu is slightly customised, so some of our meals may not have pictures, and some of the pictures may not be on our menu.  

Special Menus

On Wednesday 27th April the Hot Dinner option will be Gammon.  Everything else is unchanged.


Lunchtime Arrangements

Covid-19 has required us to make changes to our lunchtime arrangements.

Meals are now eaten in the school hall.  There are two sittings.  There will usually be three items on the dinner menu each day and at least one of these will be vegetarian.  Jacket Potatoes should be available every day, with choice of toppings Plain/Butter, Cheese, Beans, Cheese & Beans or Tuna.  Water and Milk will be available for those having a School Dinner.

Allergies & Food Intolerance

We need to keep accurate records about Allergies & Food Intolerances for our children.

If your child has any sort of food allergy or intolerance, it is important that you let us know.  Please fill the Special Diets form below and return it to us.

If your child has severe reaction to allergens, you MUST supply medical evidence with the form.

If we believe that your child has a food allergy or intolerance, you must fill in a form and send it to us, otherwise we will only be able to serve your child a Jacket Potato with Beans.

This Sample Menu has information from Aspens about their approach to Allergens.

Lifestyle and Religious Diets

If your child has a particular diet for religious or lifestyle reasons, please fill the Special Diets form below and return it to us.  We provide at least one vegetarian option every day, and we think that this will sufficient for most people with special diets, as you can manage this yourself by making the appropriate meal choice.

The meat we serve is NOT Halal or Kosher.  Our menu clearly shows if a meal if vegetarian, or what meat or fish is in it.  Children choose from a whiteboard which clearly shows if a meal is vegetarian, or contains meat or fish.

We think this caters for anyone who is Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Halal or Kosher; and for people who don’t eat Beef, Fish, Shellfish, Lamb or Pork. 

If you require a Vegan meal, or if you have any questions or problems, please get in touch.

Aspens Information

Evolution communication Aspens

Free School Meals

If you are receiving benefits and you are not currently getting Free School Meals, please consider applying, especially if your circumstances have changed.

Apply Online

Please apply on-line.  It is much quicker and you will get an immediate answer.  You may need to create an account, but you should already have one if you applied for a school place on-line.

Use this link:

When you apply, you will probably see one of these responses:
“Not Found” means Not entitled to Free School Meals
“Found” means Entitled to Free School Meals
“Not Found -Not entitled-Pending” means your benefit claim is being processed, and they will keep checking.

Paper Application

Please apply on-line if at all possible. Paper applications take much longer to process. The council are requesting on-line applications due to the large number of applications they are receiving and many of their staff working from home.  The forms are available below.


Some forms are available both as a Word Document, or as a PDF document.  Alternatively, ask the school office for a paper copy.