Assessing REAL projects


When the government announced the end of levels in 2013, a huge challenge was thrown down to the education community.  NAPS was developed by two teachers in Norfolk in response to this. Based on research and classroom practice, NAPS (Norfolk Assessment Pathway) accurately assess pupils across a large spectrum of attainment while support the integration of National Curriculum.  While we don't currently report on attainment in REAL, we use the assessment statements to ensure rigour in our REAL planning.  Opportunities to draw together statements from other subject domains are identified to create a richer, more integrated learning experience.

How we use the NAPS to support REAL

Our decision to deliver REAL thematically means that we take a 'vertical' approach to using the assessment statements (using linked statements from a range of year groups) rather than the more traditional, horizontal approach of teaching only those statements set out for a particular year group.  We feel that this makes more sense as it allows us to explore concepts deeply and extend thinking.

In order to make learning visible, the assessment statements associated with a specific lesson are captured on a sticker which goes into books.  Statements are then shaded green when they have been secured.

Using NAPS to introduce rigour into REAL started in earnest in September 2021 and it is very much a work in progress.  Documents will be added ahead of new REAL projects.

We are scientists - REAL project 2 (2021 - 2022)

Click the links below to access the progression maps for the two WaS projects:

Lower phase (Year 1):  Forces and friction  Forces and friction (information and facts)

Upper phase (Year 1):  Materials - changes / states of matter  Materials and changes (information and facts)

We are geographers - REAL project 3 (2021 - 2022)

Click the links below to access the progression maps for the two WaG projects:

Lower phase (Year 1):  Rivers  Working as historians and geographers NAPS

Upper phase (Year 1):  Earth in space - our story with the stars  Science, geography, history