Hidden Paintings in Pokemon

On Monday, we did marbling. We put shaving foam in a tub, added colour and mixed it in to make pictures. We did it inside one day, but ended up doing it outside because it was so messy! (Jayden)

Later in the week, we started our collages. We are going to hide hidden people in them, in rocks, behind windows, trees and leaves. (Charlie) We are going to put our collages in the Undercroft, as part of our exhibition! (Ted).

On Thursday, we went to the city centre to visit a gallery called the Undercroft (Diego). It was like a secret place, hidden behind the market (Savannah). It was like a secret city but with paintings. It was really cool because there were really good paintings (Jayden). The Undercroft was really cool – and the air was cool too! (Ted) In the self portrait room, there was a picture that looked realistic. And there was a mirror, so it looked like we were in the portrait. (Savannah). I was super proud of Pokemon and their amazing behaviour! (Nic).