Pokémon painting, people and playdoh!

We have had a busy 2 weeks!

We used instructions to make playdoh. We had to mix salt and flour together, and creme of tartare to make it more soft. Then we added boiling water with food colouring and something that gives it a smell, We had to stir it and knead it with our hands. If it got too sticky, we added more flour.

We used pipe cleaners and thread to make tiny people. Some of us found it hard, and others found it easy!

We made small pictures with watercolour paints. You have to add water to the paints – if you add a lot of water, you will get more paint. We painted smoothly to keep inside the lines. Then we did big paintings – some of us did it on our own and other worked with a partner. We are loving working as artists, because we are getting good at it!