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14th February – The project is underway!

You will remember that back in December we received notification that we’d been awarded the top figure of £12K in our bid the Tesco’s Bags of Help fund to develop an area of the school field. The plans involve building a pond, developing the Forest School area and creating a proper area for growing year round. The project finally got underway on Tuesday when Nige and Em from Goldcrest Outdoor Education started work digging out the deepest part of the pond. Most of the major digging will be completed over half term. This will be followed by The Big Dig on Tuesday 28th February when families have been invited to join us as we move the project forward. This is a really exciting and important development for the school. If you’d like to find out more or discuss any aspect of the project further then please come and see us next week. In the meantime enjoy the gallery.