Religious Education at WJS

Our RE scheme of work is based on the Norfolk and Suffolk Agreed Syllabus, in line with National Framework for RE.

In September we made the decision to cover the curriculum by holding whole school RE days.  We fell that this will provide opportunities for creative discussion, team-work, links to expressive arts and deep thinking. It will give pupils an intense experience of RE over a short period where the whole curriculum is organised around an RE theme. We hope these experiences will  lead to deeper understanding of the world around them and create opportunities for spiritual development.

The days will give the children opportunities to:

  1. Raise and investigate questions about a religious issue or theme (e.g. creation, diversity, worship, making our locality better, religious conflict and co-operation).
  1. Gather information, consider alternatives and develop thinking on the theme (e.g. by hearing from believers, researching for themselves, doing a survey, working with dilemmas).
  1. Encounter stimulating religious and spiritual materials in compelling ways (e.g. using film and video creatively, performing drama, taking part in role play, hearing inspiring talk, tackling group tasks).
  1. Make creative, thoughtful and personal responses to the theme (e.g in art, dance, drama, but also reasoned writing, careful thinking, deepening reflection and expression.


We hope all the children will participate in these days as we strongly believe that collapsing the curriculum and having a day focussed on a particular topic will give the children a way to immerse themselves in a particular way of thinking or lifestyle and an opportunity to ask deeper and more probing and personal questions.  If you have any concerns or queries about the delivery of RE at Wensum please contact the school.

Mark Swan [SMSC coordinator]