We are Readers

At Wensum Junior we are passionate about supporting all our children to become confident and independent readers. We know that children who read well are children who learn well, in English, but also across the curriculum. We prioritise reading, to ensure children have full access to the wider curriculum we provide.

We use the acronym VIPERS to help children recall the key reading skills they will develop. These skills are mapped on our Reading Assessment Pathway: create link to Reading Assessment.  We assess children’s reading skills regularly and ensure all pupils receive the level of support and challenge they need to progress. Click the link to find out more:  VIPERS

Our aim is for all children to able to:

  • decode words automatically.
  • read fluently with expression.
  • demonstrate a high level of comprehension.
  • take pleasure in reading.
  • be confident in sharing their reading experience with others.

Phonics and Early Reading

Our early readers are supported through dedicated phonics provision. Group sizes are small, to enable our early readers to receive targeted support.

We use Read Write Inc.  resources to introduce the letter/sound correspondences children need to master. Click here to find out more.

As soon as children have mastered each set of sounds and ‘tricky words’, they move up through the program.

Whilst we prioritise the teaching of decoding within phonics lessons, our early readers also access engaging and challenging texts during their English lessons with their class. This ensures all children experience quality texts which build their comprehension skills, develop their vocabulary and foster a lifelong love of reading.

We also provide specialist provision to individual pupils who need additional support in reading and language skills.

Reading for pleasure

At Wensum we are proud of our large school library. This is a space where children can choose books to read for pleasure, or for individual research. All children are members of our school library and can log books out on our library system to read at school or at home.

We keep our library well-stocked with books related to our curriculum, as well as a range of engaging fiction and non-fiction titles. In the summer of 2021, we were fortunate to secure funding to purchase new library books linked to storytelling.

Our school year features regular opportunities to celebrate and promote reading for pleasure, such as World Book Day, visits from authors, reading cafes and workshops.

We encourage all children to read regularly at home. Listening to children read out-loud and sharing books together is a powerful way that families can support their child’s learning. Click here to see ways to support your child with reading at home.

Assessing Reading

Click here to find out how we assess reading at Wensum.

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