Seesaw ( is an amazing online home learning platform. As many of you will know we have been using it to facilitate remote home learning since the lockdown in March.  We have found it to be a powerful and user-friendly platform that has proved popular with children, families and staff.  During this time of continued uncertainty, if your child has to work from home then work will be set on Seesaw.  We do, however, need to ensure that everyone uses it in a safe and appropriate manner.  We have therefore put together this Code of Conduct.  Please read carefully and discuss with your child(ren) so that we can make the most and the best of our learning in a safe, kind and respectful way.

Code of Conduct

For children

All children have a unique login that they use to access their Seesaw online portfolio. We ask children to login to Seesaw and complete activities assigned by the teacher between 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday.  Children can upload documents, draw pictures, write notes etc. Seesaw allows children to upload photos, so we ask that children only upload photos when it is relevant to the activity assigned e.g. if they have made something. If any pieces of work are irrelevant or inappropriate they will be immediately deleted by the class teacher.  Children should respond to pieces that have been checked and they may wish to add positive and constructive feedback to other children’s work. No critical, unkind or silly comments please.  

For teachers

The teacher is responsible for setting activities Monday to Friday.  A timetable of activities for the week will be posted in Announcements first thing on Monday morning and details on the individual activities can be found in the Seesaw classroom.  To make planning easier, the two classes in each year group have been merged into one, big year team class.  Between 9am and 5pm,  Monday to Friday, teachers will be monitoring work, checking and approving work to go onto Seesaw, and providing meaningful feedback where appropriate.  This feedback can be a written comment or voice recording.  Please note that there may be a delay in approving work depending on the  number of uploads. 

For families

Please sign up using your unique login code so you can get actively engaged in your child’s learning.  Discuss the activities assigned to your child’s class so you know what they are being asked to do.  Please monitor your child’s use of Seesaw and check what they are uploading. As part of your monitoring of its safe use, we also strongly recommend that the work is done in a shared family space rather than in a bedroom.  Seesaw is not intended as a social media platform so anything unrelated to the work being set will not be approved by the teacher and will be deleted.  If any inappropriate content is submitted we will get in touch with you immediately and work will be deleted.  If there is a genuine need for your child to appear in a video i.e. if they are carrying out an experiment, then please ensure that they are appropriately dressed (as if they were at school) and if possible avoid their face appearing in the shot.  Adopt normal online safety behaviours at all times.  Please talk all this through at home so that your child understands their responsibilities for the safe use of Seesaw.

If you need to get in touch with the class teacher then please feel free to do so via Seesaw between 9 – 5 Monday to Friday.  Any contact outside of these hours will be responded to the next working day.  Remote learning blurs the line between the workplace and home and we need to protect all involved – staff, children and families – so that everyone can maintain a happy, healthy and safe work life balance.  

If your child has limited or no access to the tech needed to complete school work from home then please get in touch with us as soon as possible.  Please contact the school in the normal way or email the class teacher on e.g.

Happy, healthy and safe

While we are not open as normal, our children’s safety and wellbeing remains our top priority. If you are concerned in any way that a child or young person is at risk of harm please do act upon it. The link below takes you to a dedicated page on our website:

Staying safe online

If you want support or guidance on staying safe online the link below takes you to some useful resources on our school website:

Lastly, here is a link to safeguarding information for parents