Supporting children

My role as Pastoral Support Worker is to continue developing the safe and nurturing environment within school.  I support children through 1.2.1 and small group work and monitor them through difficult times to help prevent problems becoming unmanageable.   Some children I meet with every week, others as required.  Sometimes I just need to check in on a children who has come in upset due to an unexpected situation at home.

Children are more likely to thrive academically, emotionally and socially if they feel listened to and safe in the school environment.  I aim to know the children individually so they feel they can share their news, joys and worries.

I also run the lunchtime club where children can come along and play together in a safe and caring  environment.


Alongside my other roles I also run 1.2.1 Thrive sessions for selected children. The Thrive approach is an intervention for children whose behaviour is causing concern because it is interrupting their learning or the learning of others. I am qualified to carry out a Thrive assessment. This assessment identifies children who, for reasons we may never know, may have missed some essential early learning experiences, leading to challenging behaviour as they grow older. These children will need to revisit early learning needs to reshape their stress management system and to give them other options for managing personally challenging situations. Children who are having difficulty coping with a particular event (bereavement, separation from a parent etc) may also benefit from the Thrive approach, and it may be appropriate to revisit early needs for a short period of time to give them the tools to navigate the difficulties they are facing.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of my job, please contact me at school.

Karen Bloice

Pastoral Support Worker

The Unthank Family Centre

We have recently started working with The Unthank Family Centre to support our children and their families.  Where we feel that a child needs additional professional support we will, with the permission of the family, arrange for one of the professionals for The Unthank Family Centre to meet with the child weekly.  The nature of the support is highly personalised and will depend on the needs to be met.  Please use the link above to visit their site and find out more.  Alternatively if you’d like to come in and speak to one of us at school please arrange this through the office.