Supporting children


Every child needs to feel valued, involved and appreciated. We know more now than ever about developing healthy, curious minds and happy, confident and creative children. If children have been emotionally thrown off track, either temporarily or over longer periods, Thrive helps us understand the needs being signalled by their behaviour and uses the latest neuroscience and child development research to help create targeted strategies and activities to support children in the classroom, and in life. As a school, we have been using Thrive to inform our work with some of our most vulnerable children. So far, this has been on a 1.2.1 and small group level. September 2019, we started rolling thrive out across the school so that everyone can benefit from the programme. If you’d like to discuss this further, please see your child’s class teacher, catch a member of SLT on the school gate in the morning or email:

Kim Stevens, Lisa Martin and Laura Hornsby

Licenced Thrive and Family Thrive Practitioners


Pastoral support

In my role as Pastoral Support Worker I get to work with children across the school on a daily basis.  My work involves supporting individuals or small groups both in class and out.  I am here listen if a child needs someone to talk to or can facilitate restorative conversations where disagreements have occurred.  Sometimes, if a child is having a bad day and is just not ready to learn then I will be there to listen, comfort, advise, or just to keep them company.

Karen Bloice

Pastoral Support Worker