Lord Mayor’s Parade – last day of preparations

Costumes, props and puppets have been allocated, named and boxed up and ready to be loaded into the van.  The tower has been disassembled and the batteries are on charge.  Final rehearsal on the playground to synch up the digital soundscapes, samba, dance and processing puppets.  It was hot, heavy work but it looked amazing. Simply can’t wait for tomorrow.

For those of you joining us arrive on Newmarket Road from 3.15pm.  We are number 21 in the procession so look out for the numbers on the pavement or ask a steward.  Labelled water bottles, sun cream and hats, and don’t forget your tees and costumes.  See you there.


Lord Mayor’s parade – final preparations

Maple class working on the coral netting to cover the sound system; dance rehearsals; samba and digital; Ray on tower technicals and deconstruction.  We have our first full dress parade rehearsal tomorrow. Thursday is a flex day for adjustments and Friday is final rehearsal and pack up ready for the big day.  Can’t wait!

Lord Mayor’s parade workshops day 8

Year 5 and Maple class enjoy a morning making sea creature puppets; the dancers make their costumes; the samba band rehearses with our digital soundscapers.  There was a wonderful atmosphere around school today.  Purposeful, creative, engaged. Sports Day tomorrow and then back to workshops on Monday as we move into our final week of preparations for the big day.

Lord Mayor’s Parade Romance Event

The day has finally arrived.  Today we launched our Lord Mayor’s project with guest expert speakers (CEFAS and Norfolk Wildlife Trust) and a Q&A with our arts partners Marcus, Zara, Ray, Holly and Alysha.  The day started with an assembly where Marcus from Sistema Norwich spoke to us about the traditions of carnival and parading in the UK before telling us more about the history of the parade in Norwich, which includes the famous snap dragon which remains a fixed feature of the city’s parade to this day!  After break the children enjoyed a carousel of activities and micro lectures as they found out more about the project theme.  David Carlin from CEFAS spoke about the importance of creating and maintaining healthy oceans. Georgie from Norfolk Wildlife Trust spoke about the amazing chalk reef off the coast of north Norfolk.  Our very own Ms Denney spoke about the extraordinary biodiversity that can be found in our oceans.  The message from children and staff alike was that it was a remarkable day. Tomorrow we start our workshops.  Stay tuned!