This week in Maple class



This week we have spent time completing the next section of our history of Norwich applique. In maths we have been busy measuring things in centimetres and meters and learning what the word perimeter means. In thrive we have been thinking about our emotions and worries and what we do to cope with them. We realised that we all deal with things in different ways.



LE: We tried pigment which was a juice that we made with herbs, honey and grape juice. I loved it.

JP: We finished off our crafting. We have been stitching appliques that show things about the Anglo-Saxons.

MH: this week we sewed things about the Anglo-Saxons including Beowulf, trolls and all the weapons and armour.

LE: In maths we have been measuring the length of things. We have be measuring things.

NK: We went outside and we were measuring how many metres the table tennis table was. We measured the perimeter.