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Maple heads to Space!

We made our own rockets

We have been learning about how rockets get into space.

We learnt that the rockets can’t have flat tops or air will push against it (LE)

We also learnt about gravity which tries to pull it back to earth (JG)

We learnt that we have to give the bean bag a bigger push to get it higher into the air. We need to give the rocket a push that is stronger than gravity.

We designed our rockets to be aerodynamic and then the next day we made them and finally we launched them (LE)

You can’t see gravity. It makes people jump high on the moon (DN)

We read the book ‘The huge bag of worries.’

We were showing our worries by painting a picture of what our worry monster looks like (JB)

We had lots of fun in forest schools in the rain.

We found a big wiggly worm (BC)

We had fun making mud food with conkers and playing with the water in the rain.