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This week in Maple

This week we have had some exciting visitors.

We had the UEA Students in to do comedy and drama with us and we also did some work on our emotions, drawing them and then letting them go. We are getting ready for a parents showcase next week.

We also had a visit from Tim. We have been reading and thinking about his story of migration to Norwich and this week we were able to meet him and ask him the questions we had.

We enjoyed a morning in forest schools and learned how to use tools, explored the trees and tried tying knots.

Finally we began the next installment of our applique. We designed squares that are based on the Normans in Norwich.


JE: We learned how to use a Gimlet. We screwed it into the middle of a piece of wood and it made a hole.

MH: I went to Nelson with the school council to figure out what things we could put in our school. Before I went I was scared but I stood up for myself and went and I enjoyed it.

NK: When we went outside for forest schools we chose our own tree and we pretended that the tree was a person. I pretended the tree was talking by shaking the tree.

LE: When we were outside I sat in my tree we called it a ‘be tree’ as it was our place to be. I liked sitting up there and I liked listening to the noises.

JB: In forest schools I tried tying knots for the first time. I kept trying but I can’t get it right……yet!

DM: yesterday Tim came to visit us. We talked to him about his mum and which country he had come from to Norwich.

LE: The UEA students came in and we drew pictures of emotions and then we danced.

JE: we danced because it is a good way for getting our anger out. It was great fun.