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This week in Maple class!

This week has been very exciting and busy! We have finished learning about the vikings and we are ready to begin planning our presentations of the school history conference.


On Monday we had a visit from some firefighters from North Earlham fire station. They talked to us about making our homes safe and what to do in an emergency. They also let us have a go with the powerful hose.


World book day

We dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in various activities. We met an author and she ran a workshop where we played  games and learnt about the character in the book. We enjoyed some poetry in Maple class and made our own poem about a Viking longship journey. We watched a video of a long ship at sea in a storm and then we acted out being Vikings on a long ship in a storm. We then worked individually on lines and then as a class to make it into a poem.

Here is our poem:

The Vikings travel to new lands in their long dragon ships,
the water erupts all over the deck of the wooden boats,
the lightning looks like it was thrown in the sea by a god,
heavy rain, big waves, fish hit by a rope, Viking ships are sinking over here,
heavy rain falling hard, through the cold, cold air, hurting their skin,
dark grey clouds in the sky,
the fish move through the waves with pleasure and the people on the ships are rowing altogether,
the sea water is salty
the heavy, hot lightning bolts are flashing through the wavy water.


Later in the day, we used pasta and twine to create our own Viking jewellery.

Viking inventions

We learnt that the Vikings used a form of compass to find their way at sea. We had a go at making our own version in class floating a magnetised needle in cork on water. Amazingly it worked!


UEA drama students

The week we designed costumes for our ‘Raise a glass’ performance with the help of the students from the UEA. The acted a fun fashion show for us to inspire our ideas.


Long ships

We learnt about how long ships were made and how the Vikings used them to travel long distances. We then designed and labeled our own long ships.


What the children had to say about the week

JE: We have been learning about longships and they were made out of wood overlaying each other. We found how vikings traveled south and north using a compass.

ZW: We painted pasta and made necklaces like the vikings

MH: I like when we drew our own longships. I liked when we researched about the keel underneath the ship.

JP: Today we choose our designs for viking applique. I drew a skier because the Vikings invented skis.

DV: This week was world book day, I dressed as Cinderella.

LE: We met an author and we played some different games. My favourite game was when you had to have castanets behind your back. If you had the castanets you had to lie and it was really funny.

JB: I enjoyed learning about all the things the vikings invented. I liked the compass the used. they had water in a bowl and floated a leaf or special stone on it. and it pointed north, south, east or west.