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Wow what a week!!

We were treated to a comedy workshop by the Drama students from the UEA. It was great fun and was a good confidence builder.

We had to walk on stage and then do silly things and funny sketches. All the children took part and there were a lot of giggles.

This week we also visited Norwich castle. We were able to see some real life Roman, Saxon, Viking and Norman artifacts.

NK: We have seen some interesting stuff in Norwich castle, like the Celts, Romans, Saxons and Vikings.

LE: We finished making our horrible histories video and we showed it to parents and friends.

MH: I liked it when we made all the things for our presentations like the vikings long-ship and our boards.

DV: I enjoyed when we went to the viking stuff at the castle, and I saw some fun things and I was excited about today.

JP: I loved looking at the Saxon, Celts, Romans and Vikings at the castle. I liked looking at the wishing well because it was interesting and I saw a bone and a bucket down the hole. I liked going upstairs and looking at the model people on the Norman toilets and looking at the view of the city. I also enjoyed reading all the world war 1 stuff.

JB: I liked dressing up in the costumes. I dressed up as a dragon and a Roman.

JE: I liked playing on the games in the Viking area and doing the map puzzle.

ZW: I felt happy when the people came to see our project and when they saw our animation.