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Our Project Reflection – Phoenix

This term we have worked as Scientists. Our big themes have been biodiversity and ecosystems (Daisy and Ameliah). We started our project by carrying out experiments and finding out what scientists do (Tilly). We had visitors on a Zoom call and in person, Nick and Isabelle, who taught us about pond life, ecosystems and the water cycle (Eden, Tilly and Eva).

We carried out research to find out about biomes and the biosphere (Grace). The biosphere is the outer layer of the earth, where all living things can survive and thrive (Ameliah and Ella). We found out that biomes are different places around the world where animals have adapted to live (Ella). There are 5 major biomes and 18 in total (Oaklyn and Toby).

An adaptation is when an animal, like a polar bear, makes a change so that they can survive. A polar bear has really thick white fur, so they’re camouflage and sharp claws and teeth to smash and grip (Toby, Adriana and Daisy).

We have also been researching how we can help our planet (Leo).  Greta Thunberg started a movement called ‘Fridays for Future’. She is an environmental activist and wants to stop climate change. She travels to other places by solar powered boats and doesn’t use planes (Tilly, Ella, Adriana and Leo).

In homesteading, we have been learning about upcycling and recreating our own clothes (David). We have done this because one quarter of young people only wear their clothes once (Noor)!

This term we have really been enjoying learning about our school site and planning crucial changes to ensure we have successful ecosystems and a biodiverse site (Liam and Leo). We have also enjoyed learning about how we can have a positive impact on the community in the future (Oaklyn).

We are really proud of ourselves because we brought all our learning together and wrote a script about our research. We recorded it, so that we can share our performances with everyone (Jonathan).

We are looking forward to making our change and we are really proud of our plans for the school’s future (Eva). We are going increase the levels of biodiversity at Wensum Junior School (Amina).